Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016

New jobs in 2016 for addressable TV

With data and analytics ruling today’s world of marketing, sellers of goods and services want to gather every information about their customers so that they can analyse it and provide the most competitive solutions. As it is said, marketers no longer compete for the screen space but now compete for the attention of the consumer.

Addressable TV advertising is the next step towards achieving just that. Sphere Digital Recruitment blog discusses the advancements and challenges presented by addressable TV, some parts of which are included in this post. To read the entire original blogpost, click here 

Benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing has been growing leaps and bounds by giving opportunity to sellers to reach out to must larger base of potential customers. On the other hand, it is increasing the options for buyers by multi-fold and helping them find the best deals’. In this age of digitization, addressable TV offers an excellent medium to connect one-to-one with potential customers. Instead of a generic marketing campaign, companies can now run very specific targeted campaigns customised to the requirements of each customer segment. This translates to better connection with customers, better promotions and ultimately, increased sales.

There is an interesting article by Clickz about the potential of addressable TV and how it can transform the marketing plans of any business. To read the article in detail, click here.

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

Job opportunities for addressable TV in 2016

The growing potential of addressable TV clearly points towards expanding roles and corresponding increase in job opportunities. Recruitment firms are playing a key role in bringing together this transformation in marketing by supplying companies with the right kind of talent for the job.

As more and more companies are opening up to the idea of digital marketing and considering options of using addressable TV, they are beginning to look for employees who are technically and functionally adept at deployment of these avenues. In short, 2016 holds tremendous job opportunities for those exploring a career in addressable TV.

Benefits recruitment firms provide to companies

To make use of the win-win solutions that digital marketing and addressable TV offer, it is very important to have a team of experts who know how to make the best out of these opportunities. Finding the right talent for digital marketing jobs can be tedious, especially if the company is just setting up a new team for digital marketing.

Recruitment firms that specialise in recruitment for digital marketing have the technical know-how of what kind of knowledge to look for in the potential candidate. Whether the candidate will be able to create, implement and track the addressable TV and digital marketing strategies is thoroughly checked.

What kind of questions to be asked to candidate, evaluating his experience and finding just the right candidate for digital marketing job, are ways recruitment firms assist companies. Some of the key benefits firms like Sphere Digital Recruitment provide include –

  • · Hiring interns and graduates
  • · Hiring complete teams for projects
  • · Hiring employees for interim roles
  • · Executive search for an organisation based on its culture and values

With the job markets being flooded with job seekers who are well-qualified and might also hold relevant experience, it can become difficult to select a candidate that also fits into the work culture and environment of the company.

Recruitment firms understand the culture of an organization and apart from looking at just the technical skills, thy also consider the aptitude and the attitude of the jobseeker. This ensures that the candidate is not just right for the job, but also fits in well with the organisation.

Benefits Recruitment firms provide to talented professionals

Be it a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, recruitment firms provide the best possible job opportunities to job seekers. They understand the aspirations of the individuals and try to find them job opportunities that can help them fulfill their aspirations and help them use their digital marketing knowledge to contribute to growth of the company.

The tremendous potential that addressable TV offers can be explored by finding the right talent with the help of recruitment firms such as Sphere Digital in London. A synergy of the people and processes can lead to high value driven business, better customer interaction and much higher employee and employer satisfaction.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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