Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

New global warming study in Nature goes ‘Day After Tomorrow’ claiming this causes snow and cold weather

The theme of Day After Tomorrow was global warming will melt the ice and create ice hurricanes…and now scientists are embracing this theory despite NOT being able to prove it.

From the abstract:

Here, using a hybrid analysis of observations and multi-model large ensembles from seven atmospheric general circulation models, we examine the cause of these differences. While all models capture the observed structure of the forced surface temperature response to sea-ice loss in the Barents–Kara Seas—including Eurasian cooling—we show that its magnitude is systematically underestimated. Owing to the varying degrees of this underestimation of sea-ice-forced signal, the signal-to-noise ratio differs markedly.

Correcting this underestimation reconciles the discrepancy between models and observations, leading to the conclusion that ~44% of the central Eurasian cooling trend for 1995–2014 is attributable to sea-ice loss in the Barents–Kara Seas.

Translation: we witness sea ice loss at the Arctic and cold weather in Europe and a colder winter; therefore, the two must be linked.

Climate scientist Reto Knutti on Twitter:

Advance Earth and Science have this paper which states: “Changes in winter mean temperatures (DJFAVG) over Europe due to the sea ice and/or SST anomalies are small and nonsignificant. This can be seen in the probability density function (PDF) of the 60 year mean of daily temperatures over Europe in Figure 1a as well as in Figures 2a–2c, which shows the DJFAVG temperature anomalies compared to CTRL for all experiments. Significant warming is observed over the imposed anomalies and in ATL and ATLBAR over the Central Arctic and Siberia. While no significant signal in mean temperatures is observed over large parts of the Northern Hemisphere, extreme temperatures over Europe are more frequent in the experiments, along with a significant increase in the variance of the temperature distribution…”

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