Published On: Sat, Mar 29th, 2014

New college graduates: Looking for a job? Dress appropriately and don’t text message during interview

With an already brutal job market, it is getting tougher to land a position you desire or any position for that matter. However, for recent college graduates, it is only that much more difficult, according to a new survey of hiring managers from the staffing firm, Adecco .

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

In the survey, a whopping two-thirds of hiring managers surveyed believe that new college graduates are unprepared for the workplace that awaits them, which is severely limiting the number of new grads even being considered.

In the survey, they point to several areas that new college graduates fail at during the job search process:

During a job interview, one-third (34 percent) of hiring managers said young adults’ inability to directly and clearly answer questions and articulate their skills and experience during the interview are main factors for them not getting the job. Other slip-ups include: lack of eye contact (33 percent), checking phone/texting (30 percent), fidgeting (26 percent), and bad posture (22 percent). Some hiring managers (12 percent) also consider discussing the interview on social networks a mistake. Survey respondents also advise job candidates to be engaged, actively asking and answering questions, and authentic (33 percent and 29 percent respectively).

In addition, dress appropriately and professionally for your interview. Half  (50 percent) of the hiring managers surveyed said one of the biggest interview mistakes young adults make is dressing inappropriately, while 44 percent said showing up late or on the wrong date was the biggest flub.

Go into the interview with the approach, “What can I offer the company”. 36 percent of those surveyed said they have seen candidates with an aggressive approach when it comes to personal job expectations, including time off, salary vacation days, and benefits, which can be detrimental for their chance of getting the job.

Finally, ensure your resume is absolutely error-free. More than half (54 percent) of hiring managers don’t even offer interviews to job candidates with weak resumes. What often gets a candidate in the door is attention to detail.  Hiring managers are most likely to cite spelling errors (43 percent) as the most common misstep that causes them to disqualify a candidate from consideration.  Spelling errors were considered a more unacceptable offense than any other gaffe including time gaps on a resume (5 percent).


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  1. David Patrick says:

    Speaking of attention to detail, when did proofreading become a dead art?

    “In the survey, they point to several areas that new college graduate fails at during the job.”

    Make it “new college graduates fail”. Or insert ‘the’ before ‘new’. Even then it’s an awkward sentence.

  2. Don Gee says:

    You might not want to make grammar errors in your article about recent graduates not getting jobs due to making grammar errors. Pot/kettle.

  3. squid says:

    in the name of diversity we bring in unqualified student, who graduate as unqualified for jobs. then in the name of diversity we are required to hire the unqualified. we even elected the unqualified for president.
    America loves the incompetent

  4. Obama says:

    Come work for me, yo.

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  6. Dhan Eggers says:

    This just makes it easier for parents who raise their children CORRECTLY to see them achieve. Water will always seek it’s own level.

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