Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2013

Neoconservative Clifford May says Afghanistan attacked Russia in interview

In an interview with The Bottom Line host, Jan Helfeld, prominent neoconservative and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Clifford May demonstrated how shallow and superficial the neocon philosophy is toward foreign policy.

Image/Video Screen Shot

Image/Video Screen Shot

The interview started out with a relatively simple question, “Do you have a principle that permits you to determine when we should go to war and when we should not?

May responds saying war should always be the last resort…okay start. He goes on that it should be permitted to defend US citizens or when our national security is in danger. Again…Okay; however, it doesn’t really answer the question.

Mr. Helfeld gets more specific–asking is it when someone attacks us or is an imminent threat. Or can we attack other nations militarily for other reasons altogether.

Mr. May essentially answers that the Authorization to use Military Force is in place (I assume this is where he believes the authority to go to war comes from also), and of course in 2013, the topic turned to Iran, as May and his ilk  finds them such threat to us.

Then the lightning round:

“Does Iran have the means to attack us”? —It will if it has nuclear weapons.

“How will they deliver them”?—Missiles, planes or Fed Ex.

“You think Iran will attack us in the future, but don’t have the means now”?— They are working on capabilities that match their intentions.

“Do you think the leaders of Iran are ready to commit suicide”? (referring to the fact that the US would and could obliterate Iran if this occurred)—Its a serious possibility (turning to a short discussion on their theology).

“Is there a leader in Iran or anywhere else that committed suicide”?—They may be willing to be martyrs.

“But they have never done this before”—-Here Mr. May starts to fumble and bumble—eh, eh, eh, unable to give a clear answer.

By this point you almost start feeling sorry for May’s buffoonery. He realizes he is outmatched and that the own philosophy he subscribes to is as fragile as fine china.

But here’s the kicker…as a flustered May tries to end the interview, Helfeld gets in one good last question after quizzing Mr. May about if any country would attack the US.

Helfeld: Would any country attack Russia?

May: Yea.

Helfeld: Which one? Who dares attack Russia?

May: The Afghans attacked Russia.

Doh! Afghanistan attacked Russia? Really Mr. May?

Watch the wisdom and knowledge of Clifford May here


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