Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2013

NC Congressman Walter Jones demands answers from DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano concerning release of some 2,000 detained, illegal immigrants

In a letter to to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Representative Walter Jones (R-NC) is demanding an explanation from the Secretary concerning the nearly 2,000 illegal immigrants that were released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers in what DHS considered the best way to respond to sequestration.

The letter from Congressman Jones and 36 Republican colleagues is as follows:

Dear Secretary Napolitano,

We are deeply concerned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is using sequestration as a vehicle to further the Administration’s disregard for enforcing our immigration laws.  Specifically, we are troubled by recent reports that DHS has released hundreds of illegal immigrants, rather than finding cost savings elsewhere in the agency.

Your agency’s decision to release “low-risk” illegal immigrants back into the public under the guise of saving money is extraordinary, unprecedented and dangerous.  We understand that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), like all federal agencies, must find cost savings in order to comply with their new budget allocation.  However, it is frankly irresponsible that your agency chose releasing detained immigrants as its first effort to control spending.

The inability of DHS to prioritize resources for potential cuts suggests this decision was either politically motivated to further the Administration’s amnesty goals or, at best, demonstrates agency incompetence.

Even more troubling are reports of dangerous criminals being released through this unilateral decision.  According to a February 26 New York Times article, one illegal immigrant released was also convicted of simple assault, simple battery and child abuse.  Allowing individuals like this, who should be deported, to roam the streets of our neighborhoods unnecessarily exposes law-abiding citizens to risk.

Given the public safety and national security concerns this decision raises, we respectfully request you halt any further action to release detained illegal immigrants.  Also, please respond to the following questions, regarding individuals already released, pending release, or anticipated to be released:

•The number of detainees released and the geographic location of where the releases took place;

•Any plans for future releases, and the geographic location of where those releases will take place;

•The name of the DHS official who authorized the review of detained illegal immigrants for release;

•The criteria used to determine who is eligible for release;

•The number of reviewed detainees denied release and the specific reasons for such denials;

•A list identifying cuts to the DHS budget implemented prior to the release of the detainees, the budget savings achieved, and why these savings were insufficient;

•The budget savings achieved through the release of illegal immigrants, and a description of the analysis conducted to weigh cost savings vs. public safety concerns;

•How DHS is tracking illegal immigrants released under this plan, and whether they will be ordered back to detention centers if funding becomes available.

Thank you in advance for your timely attention to this matter.  We eagerly look forward to your response.”

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  1. Dave Francis says:

    On every rural and national media where I draft my commentary or blogs, Americans write about their anger and frustration about illegal immigration but do nothing to curb this very troubling, financially draining issue? Hundreds of thousands of average Americans who are either citizens or green card holders have a lot to complain about, but remain silent when it comes to contacting directly their Senate or Congressional House members in Washington. These usually prudent people put up a merry dance on the internet or even in the print newspapers but do not contact their Representatives at either the federal or state level. Have they no sense of commitment to the honest immigrants, who had to hire an immigration attorney, pay fees, take a medical examination, and check any criminal backgrounds, while illegal aliens are smuggled in and use their children to live of the rest of us. How are they able to do this? By smuggling their unborn or ready to conceive babies into our country through a highly controversial border, or passing undetected immigration agents as tourists, visitors or students.

    Once inside our nation they claim instant citizenship for the child/children, which give them access to all the citizen rights. Hundreds of billions of dollars in your taxes in education, section 8 housing and health care and free baby deliveries. While citizens work to put food on the table, the illegal mothers are akin to parasites feeding of the host—the United States population. Once here they deliver as many babies as they can, because they know the federal, state and municipal government will support them. Programs included are TANF, (cash payments) SSI, general assistance, Food Stamps, WIC, free/subsidized school lunch, public/rent subsidized housing, and Medicaid. The biggest difference in program use is for Medicaid and food aid programs. For state governments, Medicaid is a particular worry because between one-third to one-half of the program’s costs are on average borne by state taxpayers for the growing number of children, either borne to illegal parents or smuggled across the border, or remaining undetected in the Mother’s womb.

    The traitors have drafted a law that will give these criminals all a Path to Citizenship, while honest immigrants sit at home in some foreign country sometimes for years waiting to be processed. The gang of 8, is about to sign a financial death warrant, because all these 11 million to 25 million plus illegal aliens, who can later sponsor their aging parents will need welfare, health care and a place to live. According to the reputable Conservative “Think Tank” giving a legitimized path to stay in America will cost us $2.4 TRILLION DOLLARS by the time they have been processed and assigned a Social Security number. Even with that breathless amount of money the hordes that enter America daily is costing the state’s $113 Billion dollars annually, that taxpayers are given the bill. The only winners in this mockery of our “Rule of Laws” are the profit takers, corporations, agriculture who pay nothing for their upkeep. Visas for top skilled workers should be tightly scrutinized and manual Guest labor should be regulated and must leave when their visa runs out. Right now both skilled workers are poorly officially organized and illegal Guest Workers not at all?

    When the illegal immigration is ignored as it has for decades, the “Cause and effect” is THE DREAM ACT, FAMILY CHAIN MIGRATION, SANCTUARY CITIES and millions of more illegal immigrants feeding off the working taxpayer.

    All those complainers better speak up now or this country is in even worse financial trouble, than we are now. Hundreds of thousands more can be expected to be climbing border fences, crossing the desert, lakes, rivers at the border in the hundreds of miles of nothing but some rusty barbed wire. They will arrive in large numbers on planes on passenger planes to disappear, until the new immigration amnesty is signed. April seems to be the deadline for any action from the halting this illegal immigration bill.

    Don’t insult the citizens and legal resident with your pro-illegal alien diatribe from this group of 8 traitors? After the so called immigration reform package, we should ALL be issued with a federal photo ID identification card with a thumb print and retinal scan and a real double layer fence as the 2006 Secure Fence Act imposed. Any person who believes America has been invaded by penniless, illiterate foreigners, where English is not the principle language any more. EVERY AMERICAN Should sign a petition against the Gang of Eight’s proposal and other nonchalant lawmakers who are in disagreement with the 23 million unemployed Americans at: NumberUSA YOU can also contact every Representative demanding no Amnesty and no Path to Citizenship at 202) 224-3121, the Central Washington switchboard. YOU THE CITIZEN VOTER/ LEGAL RESIDENT HAS MORE INFLUENCE OVER CONGRESS, IF THEY CALL AND DEMAND NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP.


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