Published On: Mon, Nov 18th, 2013

Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre defense of Obamacare

On Sunday Morning’s Meet The Press with David Gregory, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was live to talk about the failures of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Nancy-Pelosi donkeyhoteyDuring the Congresswoman’s strange defense of the failed law, Pelosi went on to say that Obamacare was “affordable”.

Gregory asked, “Are you and others going to go campaign on Obamacare in swing districts around this country? And if so, what’s the message going to be?”

Pelosi responded, “Well, the fact is I’ll get back to the Affordable Care Act, and the “affordable” is named that because it makes it affordable. And the experience in states where it is working, in Kentucky and California and the rest where we have our own state marketplace, it’s working very well.

“And I have full confidence, as to my members, however they voted on this– this is political. They respond politically. But the fact is that, when this website is fixed, many of these people in these bad policies that are costing too much– now, what the president did, and it’s really important to mention this, what he did in his statement the other day was to allow people who have been in the plans since the enactment of the Affordable Care for there to be a delay in enforcement for those.

The others can always stay in. There’s nothing in the law that says they can’t stay in. But what he said was that the insurance companies must tell the policyholder what they are deprived of, that they’re not getting pre-existing conditions”

Gregory counters, “Right, but there are cancellation notices going out. There’s a million of them in California.”

Yes. And what they have to do now is send another letter that says, “This is what this is going to mean to you in terms of you won’t get pre-existing conditions, this condition, and here are the other options that are available to you in the marketplace”, Pelosi said.

After a June 2009 clip was played in which Pelosi said, “What we are talking about is affordable, quality, accessible health care for all Americans. It`s about choice. If you like what you have and you want to keep it, you have the choice to do that.”

Gregory calls her out saying, “Are you accountable for saying something that turned out not to be correct?”

Pelosi denies being wrong, But it’s not that it’s not correct, it’s that if you want to keep it, it’s important for the insurance company to say to people, “This is what your plan does. It doesn’t prevent you from being discriminated against on the basis of preexisting conditions. Lifetime limits, annual limits in the–”

One of the most bizarre exchanges between the two went like this after Gregory played the infamous tape of Pelosi saying “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy.”


And hasn’t that idea, that you have to pass it before you know what’s in it, isn’t that really the problem, as you look back on it? That the– there was such a rush to get this done, no Republicans voting for it, and now there are unintended effects of this that were foreseen at the time that you couldn’t know the impact of it. And now this is coming home to roost.


No. What I was saying there is we are House and the Senate. We get a bill. We go to conference or we ping-pong it, and then you see what the final product is. However, I stand by what I said there. When people see what is in the bill, they will like it. And they will.

And so, while there’s a lot of hoop-di-doo and ado about what’s happening now– very appropriate. I’m not criticizing. I’m saying it took a great deal for us to pass this bill. I said if we go up to the gate and the gate is locked, we’ll unlock the gate. If we can’t do that, we’ll climb the fence. If the fence is too high, we’ll pole vault in. If we can’t do that, we’ll helicopter in, but we’ll get it done.

We had to pass the test of the courts, and we did. The first rollout in the first part of the first year of the implementation went very smoothly. The website did not work; that has caused problems complicating people transitioning from those policies to the other.

But, again, this is never thought to be easy. And the fact is, it doesn’t matter what we’re saying here: What matters? What happens at the kitchen table of the American people. And how they will have more affordability, more accessibility, better quality care, prevention, wellness, a healthier nation honoring the vows of our founders of life, a healthier life. Liberty to pursue their happiness, not be chained by a policy.



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