My look at the criticisms of Avatar

I know this appears to be a fluff piece; however there are many political and religious criticisms about the movie, justly or unjustly by a variety of authors, known and unknown.

I thought it prudent to examine some of the more common ones.

Avatar is anti-war

I personally don’t care for James Cameron’s politics and don’t really care what his motivations were for this movie. The movie itself is anti-war, but my question is what’s wrong with that? Is it unpatriotic to make a movie questioning war? Why do many particularly on right believe it’s patriotic to be constantly beating the drums of war? War is an incredibly serious issue that should be considered responsibly and reasonably, without political, economic or knee-jerk reaction.

Just look at the piece by neocon Daniel Pipes (seen on “Top of the Pile” today).

This maniac is suggesting to a relatively desperate President Obama that if wants to boost his ratings he should bomb Iran! He correctly says that Americans will “rally around the flag”.

Avatar is not anti-war because war is bad per se; war for defending yourself is a necessity; however in Avatar it instead demonstrates preemptive war and the theft of the land and goods of a free people. There is nothing good about this type of war.

Avatar is anti-American

This is one of the most common criticisms of the movie. I can see how people may look at it like that because it sort of reflects our current foreign policy. However, America didn’t cross my mind in particular, but the many kingdoms and empires throughout world history that have forced their will on another country.

For those that believe it is a blatant attack on America, which I don’t, you must be acknowledging that what happened in the movie is representative of our foreign policy. What, feeling guilty?

Avatar is anti-Christianity

I personally didn’t get this argument at all. Many, maybe the majority of civilizations throughout history were pantheistic, and many still occur today. I thought the inhabitants of Pandora were just being represented in a realistic manner, like that of numerous civilizations. Not every people are Christian, as a Christian I am well aware of this, but no where did this movie imply that Christianity is bad. If I am wrong, please point out the specifics of your argument.

Avatar is anti-capitalism

This is by far the most ludicrous dig at the movie. There is nothing in Avatar that remotely resembles capitalism. There is no voluntary cooperation and there is no contract or “meeting of the minds”. If the movie was real and factual and if it was a capitalistic society, what happened in the movie would never happen. It would be a mute point.

People may point at the fact that it was a greedy corporation that hired the Marines to take over Pandora. That means nothing. Many corporations here and abroad are not capitalistic is the purest form and many are in bed with the government for special favors.

If anything, it most resembled the many totalitarian and imperialistic countries and empires of our past.

Maybe Cameron wanted to take a dig at the wars or America, but I think there is more to it when you read in between the lines.
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