Published On: Mon, Jan 11th, 2016

Muslim Rape Jihad: The Western Women- The first victims of forced immigration

The current Muslim rape epidemic in Europe seems to be an expected outcome of the forced third world immigration. Our liberal oriented politicians didn’t think about it when they were welcoming the thousands of young males from the Middle East and North Africa, under the childish explanation that they are suffered population who will contribute to the western societies.

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European Union Map

Some of the opponents to this immigration “all allowed policy” tried to warn that this significant number of undocumented immigrants will cause the chaos in the European System by itself, but they were accused for spreading fascist propaganda and growing islamophobia.

Unfortunately, the liberalism made it and opened our European home for wild hordes of immigrants who aren’t socially shaped and who believe they can take whatever they want.  The majority of them are young males who don’t have anything to lose but to get all they can imagine. Everywhere is better for them than to stay in the world which dies in ash. Liberal ideology in Europe has believed that newcomers will be useful to the labor force or loyal liberal voters one day, but they didn’t analyze the fact that those people are Muslims and that Muslims want to make din-va-davlat in infidels land. They do not want to adjust themselves to the western world. They want that western world to adjust itself to the new Islamic rules which could bring us all to Sharia Law in the near future. As Sheikh Yassin once said: “Islam rejects all the cultural and social aspects of the West that contradict Islam and its religious laws [the sharia], for example, we reject women going with the faces uncovered, prostitution and all the immoral aspects of life in the [Western] world.” Comparing this statement of Sheikh Yassin with the hopes of European non-informed politicians, we will see that there is a big gap that could be abused.

First of all, the majority of Muslim immigrants don’t come to Europe to socialize themselves, but to keep living the life they are used to living. Without any rules, like a wolf pack, to hunt and prey on the weak, bringing the atmosphere of fear, panic, pessimism and Euroarabian folklore. These “imported Muslims” don’t want to accept the European set of values, because their religion doesn’t let them forget Allah and His orders. It is not surprising that there is a big difference between Muslims from Muslim countries and Muslims from the western countries. Why? Muslims who live in Muslim countries follow their own rules and ideology as it is but Muslims who are immigrating from the western world have some kind of mixed beliefs, or some kind of “hybrid Islam” , which allows the things which original Islam doesn’t allow or doesn’t justify or at least doesn’t mention. Westernized Muslims make their own rules and interpret the Islam as they need and as they want. The main proof of such a kind of trend is a behavior of imams around the Europe who make the indoctrination centers in the mosques and they are preaching the new Islamic ideology and inviting Muslims to follow it and to defend it. Many of them believe that it is just a matter of time when Islam will prevail in Europe and then the all rules will be based on Islam as a political and religious system, against kafir. Then, as they believe, rape of the western women will be allowed, will be normal, will be acceptable .

With the increasing of the immigrants in Europe, the Muslim rape epidemic is daily news number one, not only in Nordic countries, but also in secure and safe Germany. Sweden has already the second highest rape score in the world ( The South Africa is in first place) and with the increasing of the Muslim population over there and the  forced immigration and its misogynistic ideology , it is to be expected that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.  With an average of 5 rapes a day, Sweden becomes the real nightmare for white women. The similar situation is in Norway and Finland, where Muslim sexual predators molest young girls and terrorize the non-Muslim population.  The horrific events which took place in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve and the following days opened the chapter one in the book of insecurity in Germany. With the massive sexual attacks, assaults, rapes and new dimension of violence against women, made by newcomers, Germany faced up to the fact: Islamic terrorism was transferred into Islamic violent crime against German women, against German people. The Paris attack was a product of Islamic terrorism, the Cologne rape epidemic is a product of Islamic crime. They both are big threats to the European security policy and to the world we know and live in. German police weren’t prepared to react on this form of security challenge. Maybe they were practicing for months to answer on terrorism scenario but they haven’t had a day of thoughts to possible actions of sexual predators. Muslim sexual predators are the newest weapons of Islamic State. They have been sent to Europe with one goal: to humiliate western women and to destroy the Christian families. They turned the whole of free Europe into a fearful zone and logic dictates many European main cities, after the immigration wave, will become the no-go zone for police and for citizens too.

Hereby, I need to mention that Muslim rape jihad is deeply connected with the “rape culture” in Islam. We must be aware that Qur’an consists of so many unclear paragraphs and that understanding leaves doubts so it is very easy to be misused in propaganda, pro or against Islam. However, the same Muslim rape culture didn’t start in Europe with the third world immigrations but many centuries ago, in the year 624 when Prophet Mohammed decided to reward his followers with some trophies in wars and allowed them to capture and to rape married women.  The quote from Qur’an 33:50O Prophet! Surely we have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war. For me as a researcher, it is more than interesting to see that Qur’an doesn’t give the clear answers, but it gives a freedom to people to interpret it the way they want and for purpose they want. Islam is a political system and that is why the Holy Book is made as political doctrine rather than as a religious codex.

We now can conclude that rape culture among Muslims has a long history and is always the outcome of Islamic imperialism. Some Islamic thinkers say that is the main reason why veil and later burqa was invented. To make difference between women married to Muslim husbands and the slaves and Qur’an says:  “Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies that they may thus be distinguished and not molested.”  Woman with veil is possessed by Muslim man and is allowed to be raped only by her husband. The women without veil send the message to the world that they do not belong to anyone but everyone can rape them. This logic among Islamic believers is not coexistent and shouldn’t be taken as a principle in Islam but should be analyzed so we could have better overview on the rape epidemic which is currently happening in Europe, committed by Muslim immigrants. The rape of woman in tribal Islamic community is not a crime against a woman, but it is a crime against her father, brother or husband because she is considered as a communal property of family members.

Muslim immigrants who came to Europe found themselves faced with the liberty and freedom for women, who are highly respected and protected in the western culture. They didn’t want to accept that order; they broke it with the first rape sessions in Nordic countries and then opening the first chapter of horror in liberal weak Europe. It is not about cultural or religious shock as some of the liberal minds want to make it sounds. It is a crime. It is the Islamic crime against the western culture and Christian religion, covered by failed immigration policy in Europe and censored European media. They try to convince the people that police controls everything and that those who committed the terrible assaults will be punished but the reality is that they can’t do it and that Mrs Merkel mantra “Wir schaffen es” lost the battle and maybe the whole war. Instead of facing up with the new reality that Europe has become the Wild West, the liberal political structure of the Union is more worried about a growing right-wing populism in Germany, France and other countries than about Muslim rape jihad. They accuse political opponents and conservative voices that they are islamophobic and with zero tolerance for the “cultural shock” of the newcomers. To me, this political behavior is the typical sinking ship thinking.

I do not suggest the war against the Muslim immigrants but I suggest that we need to protect our civilization or we well be lost in our own weakness and then will be captured in the unknown world

Welcoming refugees’ culture brought us the  rape culture. Welcoming common sense back should save our future.

Sandra Maksimovic-Sara, has an MA in Biological  Counter Terrorism Studies, with special interests of researching and writing about  Biological Weapons, Biosecurity and Biodefense. Sandra hails from Serbia.

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