Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

MPAA Hollywood Exec Steven Fabrizio arrested for rape, blackmailing a prostitute, fired yesterday

A big Hollywood executive, Steven Fabrizio, was arrested and charged with rape and blackmail after meeting a woman on a dating website, threatening to tell her family and employer that she was paid for sex after she broke off their relationship.

Fabrizio was fired on Monday as general counsel of the Motion Picture Association of America, a trade group that represents five major film studios and Netflix, Variety reported.

Fabrizio, Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), met his female accuser met on a dating website known as “Seeking Arrangement,” which helps individuals find a “Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby/Sugar Momma.”

The accuser, whose name is not included in the arrest affidavits, said in her first message to Fabrizio that she was “new to the website, but definitely open to it!”

Steven Fabrizio

The two allegedly exchanged sexually charged messages and agreed to meet in person.

The affidavit says the two met in person on August 19 and “engaged in consensual sexual activity.”

Fabrizio then allegedly paid his eventual accuser $400 for the encounter.

The accuser told police that the money was part of the arrangement “and the defendant wanting to spoil her.”

Police say the woman told them that she did not enjoy the encounter, saying that  Fabrizio was too rough and had scared her. She told police she “bawled her eyes out” afterward and decided she didn’t want to continue the arrangement.

Fabrizio messaged the accuser the next day, telling her he would “stop by tomorrow morning baby.”

The accuser replied by telling him: “I’m sorry I’ve given it thought all last night & I don’t think this is right for me.. it’s nothing personal. I’m sorry to have wasted your time.” Fabrizio allegedly told her he just wanted to have sex one more time and that he would leave her alone after that.

When the accuser reiterated her position that she did not want to have sex with him again,

Fabrizio allegedly began sending messages threatening to tell her landlord and employer about their arrangement.

“Baby. Don’t be like that. I know where you live, I know where you work. Don’t think Georgetown Hospital would be happy to know that it’s young nurses are having sexual [sic] for money. Same for your landlord,” Fabrizio wrote, according to the affidavit.

The accuser responded by asking, “You’d get me fired because I don’t want a relationship with you?” Fabrizio allegedly continued to insist that he just wanted to have sex one more time and that he would leave her alone if she complied. He also allegedly continued to threaten to tell her employer about their interaction if she refused.

The conversation went back and forth like this for a while longer until the accuser asked Fabrizio if he would delete all the messages between them if she agreed to have sex with him again.

“I’ll leave you alone for now. But I’m going to text in a couple of weeks and tell you I’m coming the next morning. If you don’t answer of sat [sic] no you understand what will happen. It will only be once or twice a month and always very quick like today. Bye baby. Look for my text in a couple of weeks. Xo,” Fabrizio allegedly wrote after meeting again and their exchange continued.

Detectives then orchestrated Fabrizio’s arrest outside the woman’s home.

The report reviewed by Breitbart News reads.:

Once the Defendant had parked his vehicle, Detectives [redacted] and [redacted] pulled up behind the Defendant’s vehicle. Detective [redacted] approached the defendant’s vehicle and asked the defendant for his driver’s license to confirm the defendant’s identity. The defendant provided Detective [redacted] his driver’s license, and the defendant’s identity was confirmed by his Maryland Driver’s License to be Steven Bernard Fabrizio born on [date redacted here]. The defendant was asked to step out of his vehicle. The Defendant walked to the rear of his vehicle and was placed in handcuffs. Sergeant [redacted] was already on scene as Detectives [redacted] and [redacted] walked up. As Detective [redacted] approached the defendant the defendant was heard asking Detective [redacted] to retrieve his cell phone from inside the vehicle. Detective retrieved the defendant’s cellphone and placed it in the defendant’s left cargo pocket. The defendant asked why he was stopped and he was advised by Detective [redacted] that he was being arrested for Rape and Blackmail and that if there were something he wished to tell the Detectives they would take him to the Detectives’ Office, mirandize him and interview him. The suspect declined, and asked if he could call a lawyer. The defendant was informed that he could make a phone call once he was at the police station. The defendant, Steven Bernard Fabrizio, was placed under arrest and transported to the Second District for processing.


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