Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Moving in Florida during the coronavirus outbreak

If you are among people facing relocation, you probably have dozens of questions demanding answers. In one scenario, some would say that delaying the move is the best solution. However, many need to move out of necessity, so that solution goes out through the window. Moving in Florida during the coronavirus outbreak, while still possible, requires you to take many things into consideration. Recently, Florida is marked as one of the 18 states in the “red zone” for COVID-19 cases, so that doesn’t help either. All the different rules and measures of precaution are affecting relocation directly, yet it’s not so grim as it looks.

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The reality of moving in Florida, during the coronavirus outbreak

So, how do you handle moving during a pandemic? You do good research about the area you are moving to and prepare everything in detail. Recent suggestions to revert to more strict protective measures, may or may not happen. It will usually depend on the momentary situation in the area. Nevertheless, you have to be ready that something might change along the way. For now, moving in Florida belongs to the group of essential businesses, so it’s easy to acquire moving services without much trouble. Again, health organizations urge everyone to reconsider their moving needs.

What to expect and how to plan?

In Florida, it’s not hard to find moving solutions for everyone’s needs. But, traveling to another place might increase your chances of getting or spreading the virus. Here are a few things to think about before moving:

  • What is the situation in the area you are planning to go to?
  • Can you practice social distancing with movers?
  • How to handle possible contact with others during moving?
  • Do you, or some of your family members belong to critical groups?
  • Will 14 days of isolation affect your job, school, business, and other aspects?
  • What if you get sick?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself if you want your relocation to be as safe as possible. Before, it was quite easy to call friends or family members to help you pack and prepare. But now, hiring professionals emerges as the only viable solution for your relocation in Florida.

Many parks are partially empty because of the current situation. Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

Ask everything you wish to know

It’s important to find the answer to all the questions of interest. Whether by calling local authorities or contacting moving companies in the area. Generally, moving companies are pretty much altering their way of doing business so various regulations are implemented. You can find all the useful information about how to prepare for moving on their website. Also, you can call them directly and ask about the measures and precautions they are practicing. For example, the type of supplies, sanitation measures, protective gear, social distancing, and more. Furthermore, it’s necessary to see if they are providing virtual estimates or any similar solution to keep physical contact to a minimum.

Prepare to thoroughly clean your new home

In Florida, it’s easy to go to a website purpleheartmovinggroup.com to find a solution for packing, transport, or storage. But there is one thing you have to do on your own. Cleaning of your new home, and the old one as well. Because of the virus, we have to constantly worry about the sanitation. From washing our own hands to keeping all the surfaces around us clean. If you want to reduce the chance of getting the virus, you have to completely clean your new hose before moving in. Again, you could hire professional cleaners, but this is probably something you want to do on your own. Simply, it’s the safest way.

How to deal with packing?

Packing during coronavirus outbreak might be more tricky than you assume. It’s not enough to just pack everything without the presence of others, but you need to use proper supplies. Normally, if there is no virus you would look for some free packing supplies. Something like card boxes from local stores and similar. But in a situation like this, that would be the wrong thing to do. You need unused and clean supplies that are not compromised by other people. Unfortunately, this can be more expensive but it’s the only way to remain safe. However, you can ask a moving company you trust if they provide packing supplies or services. If they do, they are also obliged to follow certain safety practices, just like when moving.

You should consider storage solutions in Florida

Just like moving, you might need to consider a storage solution until this all goes away. This is not important only because you need to store your items. In times like this, where things are constantly changing, you have to be ready all the time. For that, it’s important to find a company with strong rules, in Florida. In general, storage units have to be clean, regularly maintained, with strict accessibility policies and experienced personnel.

How else could COVID-19 affect your moving in Florida?

This virus still remains a partial mystery because we don’t know all the proportions of its influence and how it works. But, one thing is sure, and that it affects our lives in many aspects. As for moving, here are some additional situations you have to be aware that might happen:

  • The government could temporarily prevent moving in some areas.
  • Restaurants, shops, and other amenities might close again if things get worse. Including, grocery store shortages.
  • Social distancing distance might change for better or worse.
  • It might be possible to deduct some costs in the future, which you should research before moving.


At the moment, the job market in many fields doesn’t look promising as many people are fired. At the same time, the demand for medical workers is constantly increasing in Florida. In fact, this is the time when many people are looking for alternate solutions for working.

Make sure you have a working solution when moving. photo/pressmaster


It’s still unclear what would be the resolution of the schooling situation in Florida. On one side, you have the government that tries to overcome the crisis. On the other side, you have worried parents and teachers opposing the opening of in-person classrooms. If you have kids, this becomes an important element to consider.


Because the situation is not developing like it was anticipated, some areas in Florida are imposing more strict fines for violation. The fines in some parts are:

  • $50 for the first violation
  • $150 for the second
  • $500 for the third
  • or imprisonment in some counties
  • and/or public community service as a penalty in some counties

So, wear your mask, pay attention to possible curfew, respect distancing, and stay away from crowds in Florida.

Moving in Florida during the coronavirus outbreak, or anywhere for that matter, is not advisable at the moment. But if it’s necessary, there are certainly means and ways how to proceed. Remember, always check for new updates since the situation is constantly changing. And do thorough research before making your final moving decision.

Bio: Robert C. Keyser is covering the relocation niche and tech industry for over 5 years. Written numerous articles about current trends in the moving industry, necessary security measures, and implementation of modern tech solutions. Before writing, worked for ten years in the surveillance and security industry providing various solutions for moving and real estate companies. Today, spending most of his time consulting and writing.

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