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Moving Cross Country: Some Important Tips

Moving cross-country is a comparatively difficult task if we compare with a local move. Though moving in itself is a daunting task but moving cross country is all the more stressful. Local movers generally charge on hour basis but it is not the case with long distance movers. No matter if you aremoving to a new country or just a few hundred miles, you will definitely need some important long distance moving tips to make it happen smoothly. When you move local then you just need to throw everything you own in the moving vehicle, hit the road, and organize your new space but on the other hand a long-distance move requires a lot of planning. Here we present some important cross country moving tips that will help you remember everything you need to know to have a successful move.

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Try Getting Moving Assistance

Your type of move decides the financial burden on you. If you are moving due to a job change, then don’t forget to ask your new employer for relocation assistance and reimbursements to help you cover costs of the move and resettlement into a new place. The best cross country moving companies provide financial assistance under employee benefits. If they do then you don’t want to leave any funds, or help on the table.

Be Sure that the Move is Unavoidable

Moving cross country is not an easy task, it takes money, energy, and a complete change in your social circle to shift to entirely new place. It’s not only financially draining but also socially and emotionally difficult. So while deciding regarding the move, it’s very much advisable to see if it can be avoided if not then go ahead with full planning. 

Select the Right Time and Date for the Move

Time of move plays an important role in the final cost of your move. There are certain months, dates and days when the moving companies charge a lot. They do not compromise on their prices in the peak seasons. As session end, end of financial year, end of a month and weekend are sometimes when moving companies have plenty of business and getting a discounted price during these times is just not possible. Try to keep your moving date other than these times. Decide for a mid-month move, as it will ensure the best of service at low prices. Also make sure to book your moving company well in advance to save yourself from last minute rush. 

Pare Down Your Stuff Before Packing

In a local move, it’s easy to take one and all along with you but in a long distance move, it is recommended to get rid of some extra stuff. The city or area that you are planning to move, can be more expensive than your current place due to which you may not afford as much big house as you currently are living in. It is better to take the time to sort through the junk drawer, bins of old clothes, movies you’ve had around for years and your kid’s old toys. Think of taking out some non-required furniture pieces too. Don’t forget to label all the moving boxes as trash, donation and sale and get rid of them as decided as sometimes it feels good to part with things you no longer need and someone else can use. The less the number of storage boxes, the smaller the truck you will need and the less expensive your move will be.

Sell and Make Some Money


Consider selling some of your valuable items that you no more need. You can place a garage sale or try selling them online as it will make you a good amount of money that can be helpful in your moving expenses. Those furniture pieces that you won’t need at your new home can be sold for some good bucks. Other household stuff like kitchen appliances, wardrobes and electronics can earn you so much of extra cash.

Don’t Forget to Arrange for Meals on the Way and Eat on the cheap.

In a long distance move it is obvious that you’ll be in a car for several hours making that drive across the country. During these long hours, you will have to eat multiple meals on the road. You can easily to save some money by packing food for a meal or two at least. Having a picnic lunch at a rest stop will also add adventure to your otherwise boring travel. And if you still have to eat out then opt for fast food joints instead of sit down restaurants as they are costlier and also require you to leave a tip for your server. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrates during the move and buy a case of bottled water to stash in the car so you have drinks available as needed and don’t have to make stops to purchase them at every gas station.

Author: Amit Saini

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