Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2018

Motto of Garden Light LED ‘Forging into Future’

Lighting sector is escalating because people desire LED lights for their business and home. It offers their indoor and outdoor spaces beauty, functionality, and safety. Garden Light LED based in Tampa, Florida is a popular American Entrepreneur involved in creating LED product line for more than four decades. They are building a future for LED landscape lighting sector. Their technician team makes their best attempt to deliver top outdoor lighting products using high grade materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, as well as innovative LED technology.

photo courtesy of gardenlightLED

Goal, values, and vision of Garden Light LED

  • Passion & determination to be leaders in the lighting sector and offer superior technical creativity
  • Take pride in operating with integrity
  • Customer focused services can be defined as being straightforward, responsive, and committed
  • Effectively work together with others, so as to discover more better ways to serve their consumers
  • Believe in pursuing advanced technology, apply creativity, and innovative thinking to grow
  • Their employees are well-supported, respected, and encouraged

Goal of whole organization is to make sure that consumers are satisfied with their investment in Garden Light LED lighting products.

Energy saving values

Heat – LED and Halogen technologies create heat and light from electrical power. LED and halogen technology create heat but the former create three times less heat.

Energy consumption – Heat created is useless because the main objective is to generate light, so this aspect can be regarded as power wastage. As LED lights produce less heat, less power is consumed in comparison. Users can enjoy 50%-70% savings on utility bills with LED in comparison to equal lumen output form halogen. For halogen luminaries, wire with thick gauge needs to be installed as more energy gets consumed. This expense needs to be considered.

Maintenance – Cleaning is needed for any kind of luminaire but as halogen operates at high temperatures extra effort is needed to remove the heat baking of accumulated dirt. In addition, periodic changing of halogen bulbs.

Even though the life of halogen bulb is specified, it gets affected by real world variables like voltage surges, fluctuation and contaminants on outer surface. On the other hand. LED luminaire does not need a change for maximum 50,000 hours. Power converter is used, which is vulnerable link and need to last for 10,000 hours.

Design & engineering

Garden Light LED builds its LED product line in their Tampa, Florida factory. Standard and authenticity is maintained because fixtures are engineered, designed as well as assembled in the US. LED fixtures can be recognized easily because they are sleek, striking, and visually sophisticated. Moreover, they are performance oriented because each fixture is handcrafted and machined.

For durability and longevity

  • 6061-aluminum is chosen for high corrosion resistance and compatibility for applying coatings like anodize, e-coating, and enamel.
  • 6061-aluminum is compatible with CNC machines
  • 6061-aluminum is recognized in sectors like aerospace, automobiles, military, and marine.
  • 6061 aluminum’s natural high thermal conductivity makes it ideal for high-performance LED luminaries.
  • C360 brass displays high thermal conductivity and is almost similar to aluminum, so is a great choice for creating brass fixtures.

Advanced drive system

Engineers at Garden Light LED are consistently enhancing their drive system and has successfully obtained matchless efficiency rating. Fixtures are designed to function in sync with driving system that produces and distributes power.

Rigorous quality testing

Multistep, sequential testing process allows the engineers to assess real-time performance data of a progressive LED light.

  • Freezing
  • Heating
  • Burn-in
  • Submersion
  • Destructive analysis to find operational limits

Garden Light LED organization makes use of remarkable technology and complex mechanism to get great illumination efficiency. They even offer Master Dealer Program in the USA for those how desire to start their personal LED lighting business. Visit their official website https://gardenlightled.com/ to get the details of joining their program and read success stories of their partners.

Author: Aalia Ray

photo courtesy of gardenlightLED

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