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Most popular tattoo styles


Tattooing has long been a well-known symbol and art. Persistent drawings on the body have been applied since prehistoric times. Then people, through small piercing and lesions of the skin, wore there specially and folk substances that color the skin. At that time, the tattoo had not only the functions of decoration, but also was a certain symbol, ritual objects. A tattoo could mean belonging to a tribe, status, and merit in battle with the Warriors.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular tattoo styles. It is worth noting that all these tattoos can be done in our Love Machine NYC salon. The experts of Love Machine NYC salon will be happy to tell you about the most popular and famous tattoo styles. Our salon takes good care of your body. When thinking about a tattoo, do not hesitate to contact or consult with representatives of our salon. We perfectly understand the importance of a tattoo and are working hard to make your dream come true in a quality manner.

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One of the most popular styles lately is realism. Realism is considered one of the most complex and attractive styles at the same time. Realism is aimed at creating full-fledged masterpieces on the human body, as similar as possible to photographs.

In the style of realism, the tattoo artist strives to convey the image as accurately as possible, to make the tattoo as similar to the photo as possible. In this genre, color, volume, light, glare and shadow are accurately conveyed. Such a difficult thing will make the tattoo genre very popular, despite its youth.

Black and gray realism

The black and gray variety of realism is the more common color tattoo variation. The thing is that colored tattoos are more specific, difficult to execute and maintain. It is extremely difficult to make a truly high-quality color tattoo in the style of realism, and not every artist will undertake such work. But do not hesitate, in our workshop professionals will do everything for you in the best possible way. So we can say that black and gray realism is lighter in terms of execution, but not at the expense of attractiveness. Contrasting colors look very bright and impressive.


Among the styles that are distinguished by originality, one cannot but single out the dotwork style. This is an original technique for applying a tattoo, in which the main place is given to dots, not lines. Actually, this is what the name of this technique says. Tattoos in this style look unusual. The final tattoo consists of many dots that merge into one composition. Spot application can add special beauty to the ornament and pattern, emphasize its features. Of course, the master needs to master the technique of drawing and know all the subtleties of dotwork drawing.


Ornamental tattoo is one of the most ancient and famous styles of drawing. Even in ancient times, through ornaments, they showed belonging to a tribe or a person’s merits. Ornaments have always had some kind of sacred meaning. Such a tattoo gives its owner a certain amount of mystery. Ornamental tattoos can act as a talisman or some kind of symbol that gives strength enhances fertility or masculinity.


Polynesian tattoos have been in great demand recently. There is definitely a share of the influence of stars and the appearance of many different currents. Historically, in Polynesia, tattooing had a lot of meaning and determined a person’s personality. Only a priest could apply them, and the whole process was in the nature of a certain ritual. Now, of course, everything has become much simpler, but the sacredness and meaning of Polynesian tattoos remain. Many lovers of the genre put just such a meaning in a tattoo.

Graffiti tattoo

Spray painting on the walls has become a real art and has gone from the underground into the usual understanding of people. With the dawn of street fashion and culture, graffiti tattoos have gained popularity. Colored or black and white, graffiti tattoos can adorn the human body perfectly. A skilled craftsman can easily transfer the drawing, as if he had just stepped off the wall from under the spray gun of an experienced graphite artist.

Traditional tattoo

Traditional tattoo is one of the oldest. It begins history from the 9th century of European states. As a rule, the meaning in such tattoos is quite simple and is reflected in the drawing itself. Such tattoos were widespread among sailors, pirates and the military. Unlike photorealism, traditional tattoo looks more laconic, drawing is more primitive, but at the same time there is an abundance of colors and colors, which makes such a drawing bright and attractive.

In our modern tattoo parlor, any client can get advice, talk to the master and choose a tattoo suitable for him, which will be a pleasant memory in the future. A tattoo is a memory and a symbol that will last for many years. Therefore, in its performance, it is worth approaching with special professionalism, paying due attention to the choice of a salon and a master, as well as a drawing. Love Machine NYC will make an unforgettable tattoo that will bring you joy and pleasant memories for many years after its implementation.

Author: Trycia Marks

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