Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

More millennials adopt a healthy life: Yoga and diet is all in their mind

A global survey found out more millennials do gym-based activities than any other generation. As per the trend, millennials could soon become the leaders paving the way to wellness for both the future and present generations. This is a generation which gets hype for everything from social media addiction to being empowered with switching career too often. Something that is still under the radar is the resonant holistic and healthy practices which they’re actively inspiring and living through. Reports reveal that millennials not only pay a hefty amount for their premium health foods but also give more priority on gluten-free products more than any other generation. They even smoke and drink less than the predecessors.

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The new trend and belief is to treat your body as a temple and if this is not too convincing to you, you should readjust your resounding health practices. 45% of millennials have cut back on carbonated drinks than their other generational counterparts.

More millennials are into practicing yoga

Yes, we can decide to give up social media and all sorts of technology as they seem to be too unrealistic. But what about spending an hour of your day in living a few moments with yourselves? Well, millennials are in desperate need of yoga than any other age group. Here are few reasons why.


  • People nowadays are too materialistic


One of the biggest adversities of living in this modern world is the level of obsession we have with cars, clothes, iPads, jewelry etc. Having a home which is replete with nice things won’t improve our relationships, experiences and mindsets. When we practice yoga, we learn that there are 2 things which exist in the world, our true selves and everything else. Obtaining material items will take us far in life but we should invest our resources in things which help us grow as individuals. Money, jobs and other fancy things will come and go.


  • It is impossible to function sans technology


How often did you find yourself sitting with a group of friends and noone is speaking to one another just because all of them are looking towards their phones? How many times did you lie down on bed only to scroll through Instagram? When you join yoga classes, phones aren’t permitted inside the classes. You have to wear the best exercise costumes which you can buy from Yoga Shop and concentrate on the duration of the class. Not considering phone usage is definitely the best reason to join a Yoga class.


  • Our bodies are treated miserably


On a regular basis, we treat our bodies on a wringer due to extreme laziness, poor diet, alcohol, lack of sleep and drug abuse. We spend so many hours staring at computer screens and sitting at a desk for 5 days in a week. Yoga is something which pushes to move our body, treat them with respect and helps us connect the body and mind through breath, movement and meditation.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is still not motivated enough to do the best yoga, learn something from the millennials as they are the ones who are setting an example.

Author: Pankaj Deb

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