Published On: Thu, Oct 28th, 2010

‘Monsters’ film review by MovieMikes

By: Mike Gencarelli

With recent film’s like “Cloverfield” and “District 9″, “Monsters” does everything the same as those films only with a micro-fraction of the budget. “Monsters” actually improves certain aspects especially from “Cloverfield” (i.e. axes shaking cameras). “Monsters” chooses to make the monsters in the film the co-stars, which is a really ballsy movie but it really pays off well. “Monsters” focuses on its characters and really develops the story really well.

OK, let’s get to the film’s budget. Gareth Edwards made “Monsters” on approximately $500,000 (including post production), with a crew of only two people. The film was shot entirely on location, throughout Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. It was such an excellent example of what can be done with a low budget. Gareth also took the role of the visual effects artists, which is what honestly makes the film. I thought to my self originally, “How the hell are they going to make a monster movie, with a no-budget?” Well my question was answered…they did it really well.

The visual effects and the monsters in the film are completely background, they main focus of the story is on the two leads, Kaulder & Samantha. The story is really about them and how they are coping with the way life has transformed since the “monsters” arrived. They are trying to make it from Mexico back to the U.S. The film takes place six years after contact was made with these other life forms. They just happened decide to make the border between Mexico and U.S. there new home, known as the “infection zone”. The film might seem like it is slow moving but the character development is what really drives it. When the monsters pop-up it is subtle and is not like “Rrraaahhh, here comes a monster”. It gives you a glimpse and then gets back to the story, which is the goal and is well executed.

The score was composed and performed by Jon Hopkins really add so much to the film. I cannot wait to get my hands on the soundtrack. It has some similarities to Clint Mansell’s “Moon” score, which I believe is one of the best scores in the last five years, hands down. If you are going in expecting a film with “Monsters” around every corner, do not bother seeing this because you will be surely disappointed. If you are looking for smart, well written film with some great special effects, this film will be for you.  I honestly cannot wait to watch this film a second time, since I feel that it will be even better.

Directed by: Gareth Edwards
Starring: Whitney Able & Scoot McNairy
Studio: Vertigo Films
Release Date: October 29th (US), November 12th (UK)
Running time: 94 minutes

MOVIE MIKES SCORE: 5 out of 5 stars

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