Published On: Thu, May 6th, 2021

Mohammed Ali Rashid’s ENTEXS Will Change the Extraction Industry Forever

The cannabis industry is changing rapidly on an almost day-to-day pace, and only the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs are going to be able to position themselves for success today, tomorrow, and decades in the future.

ENTEXS, led by CEO Mohammed Ali Rashid, recognizes the industry wide shift away from dried plant matter to oils, concentrates, and extracts and is investing heavily in this new trend.

Already a $7.3 billion-plus a year industry (and growing rapidly), this company is diving headfirst into the deep end of cannabis extraction with new, smart extraction methodologies that improve yield, cut down on waste, and boost profitability across the board.

ENTEXS is Building Foundations for a Smarter Cannabis Industry

While those inside the cannabis world recognize that demand for cannabis flower and plant material isn’t ever going to disappear completely, companies like ENTEXS also understand that there is a huge shift in the market right now trending towards extract.

Over the last five years, the demand for cannabis extract has skyrocketed – climbing up to about 60% of the market by 2020. New products are being innovated every single day to take advantage of extractions, and ENTEXS plans to be there to meet this new demand with their solutions before anyone else!

Taking advantage of a new, proprietary extraction technology they have pioneered, ENTEXS and Mohammed Ali Rashid have created a gold standard for high-quality extractions that other companies can’t meet – let alone beat – right now.

This has led to many in the cannabis world refusing to do business with anyone other than Mohammed Ali Rashid when shopping for extraction elements.

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Streamlined, Efficient Extraction is the Key to Future Success


A big piece of the puzzle behind the success of this proprietary extraction method is taking a “hands-off” approach to getting as much out of the cannabis and hemp material as possible.

By streamlining and systemizing extraction, not only are individuals yields higher from the raw materials that are being used to produce extractions. But the quality and caliber of those extractions are higher as well, giving these extractions a huge competitive advantage in a very cutthroat market.

In these closed systems there’s a lot less room for contamination, and there’s a lot less opportunity for something to go wrong.

The system (operating almost on autopilot) understands exactly how to get as much extraction from the material as possible without diluting or compromising the actual extraction itself.

This has the potential to transform the cannabis world, moving forward in ways never before thought possible.

While automated extraction of hemp and cannabis has been done before, it wasn’t until the ENTEXS team led by Mohammed Ali Rashid really optimized and systemized things that the kind of purity in these products was seen today became possible.

Combine that with the engagement this company has with their customers and clients, the commitment to excellence that this company has with all of their products, and a dedication to driving the industry forward led by their CEO, and it’s not hard to see ENTEXS becoming a dominant force in the cannabis community for years and years to come.

Author: Jeremy Biberdorf

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