Published On: Sat, Feb 28th, 2015

Modular Construction in the City: Making Way for Modern Metropolitan Businesses

Our cities are fast becoming more densely populated and space is at a premium. Restrictions on building space and disturbances to surrounding areas are one particular reason why modular construction is enjoying a surge in popularity.

Business owners who are looking to expand an existing site or construct a new building using a formula and design that they know already works for them, can use prefabricated buildings to achieve their aims on budget and on time.

New technology

There have been significant strides taken in improving the construction process for prefabricated constructions and any previous limitations have mainly been eliminated through advancements in technology.

Anyone with previously tainted views of modular construction will quickly discover that this is a building solution that is definitely trending right now.

A Christmas Story HouseGetting on with business          

A key selling point with modular construction is the fact that businesses can continue to trade with minimal disruptions whilst their new building is being constructed.

This is possible due to the fact that the modular building is built in a factory environment, which avoids on-site construction disruption and this process also means that your company will not be making such a contribution to pollution and waste, as would be the case with a traditional construction site scenario.

Going up

Another reason why modular construction is proving very popular in heavily populated metropolitan areas, is the fact that new advancements no make it possible for vertical modular building.

In the past, many prefabricated buildings were no more than two storeys high, but it is now perfectly feasible to create a modular building that has as many as 30 floors or more, like the one in New York.

This allows modular construction to compete directly with traditional construction methods, but with a big cost advantage that normally reduces the build cost by about 20% less than a bricks and mortar solution.

Fast buildings for fast-food outlet

A prime example of the advantages of modular construction from a business perspective, would be the construction of several new McDonald’s stores at sites across the UK.

Modular construction has enabled this fast-food chain to actually open their doors for business within a 4-week site schedule, which is incredibly quick in comparison to traditional construction methods.

The fact that these sites are considered to be virtually indistinguishable from their traditionally built counterparts despite their rapid assembly, is testament to the quality of modern prefabricated technology and it also gives the business an opportunity to start generating sales and pay back their investment at a faster rate due to the quick turnaround from order to opening their doors to customers.

Rigorous quality standards are understandably demanded from a global franchise operation like McDonalds and this consistency of quality across all the sites using these modular buildings, shows that any business or developer now has the opportunity to consider modular construction with a high degree of confidence.

There is a growing interest in sustainable construction and modular buildings tick a lot of boxes in this respect, especially for businesses operating in heavily populated urban areas.

Guest Author :

Antony Hunt is always on the lookout for business building solutions for both city life and suburban life. With many years experience in the portable building field, he has much he wants to share on the web. You can find his articles mostly on business, building and environmental blogs.

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    Thank you for highlighting the benefits of modular construction. Article well done.

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