Published On: Sat, Jan 12th, 2019

Modern-Day Money: Everything You Need to Know About the Visa Payment Platform

There are many credit cards out there for different needs. Knowing which card is suitable for you is what you would need to research. There are cards that you can apply for regardless of your credit situation that ranges from excellent, good, fair, bad and little or no credit history at all. There are cards with reward programs for cashback and travel as well. Again, it all depends on your needs and what your credit history looks like. Athleta Visa can help you with your choice of cards.

Below I’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Visa payment platform.

  • Business credit cards
  • Charge cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Business prepaid cards
  • Platinum cards
  • First-time credit card

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There are advantages and great rewards when using a business credit card. Businesses are aware of their expenses at all times. Businesses can get higher cash flow which comes with up to 50 days to pay the balance. Business credit cards also prevent employees from having to use their own personal cards. The rewards often come using a point based system or cash back system. Either way, you’re winning.


Charge cards are just like any other card; buy now pay later. Charge cards usually have no interest payable. However, keep in mind; you must pay the balance off in full each month. You aren’t allowed to make payments, and you can’t borrow for more than a month and most do not have a limit.


Prepaid cards differ from other card types. There is no credit line and the amount that you spend is actually the amount that you put on the card. These cards are often times offered to those with less than perfect credit and are trying to rebuild their credit. With this card, you can’t spend what you don’t have!


Business prepaid cards are used to manage company spending. Whereas most company credit cards don’t have a cap, these usually do. These cards also allow employees to use these cards without having to wait to be reimbursed for business expenses.


Platinum cards are usually offered to more prestigious card holders. While it may not be much different from a regular card, a Platinum card may come with better reward offers for cash back, travel and lower interest rates


It can be exciting to get your first credit card? You can usually score a first-time credit card when you’re in college. It may not be a huge credit limit because there has never been a record to show how you would manage your money so it can be difficult to give someone with no credit history a large credit limit. Once you have established credit and a have shown that you can manage your finances and pay on time, your limit can increase and you may start getting multiple offers.

Again, research and I’m almost certain that you’ll find something that fits your credit needs. Athleta Visa can help with your credit card journey as well.

Author: Laura Brown

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