Published On: Wed, May 25th, 2022

Mobile Design App Tools That Are Popular This Year

Mobile app usage continues to expand, and any business without an app risks falling behind competitors. However, not any app will do. The app must provide a user-friendly experience and engage the individual. With the right design tools, creating an app of this type is easy. The following design tools are ones every person interested in developing an app should investigate.

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Adobe XD

When in need of custom mobile app development, countless individuals turn to Adobe XD. This program allows them to design a user interface and experience, create a prototype, and share it with others. The fast, intuitive tools change the way designers go about this process.

The user moves from design to prototype mode with nothing more than a click. They move wires between boards and create interactive prototypes with the wireframes effortlessly. Users see any changes that are made instantly.

When collaborating with others, the designer can share projects. This allows team members to provide immediate feedback. Once the app is ready, the designer seamlessly hands it over to the production team.

This program works with all major operating systems and allows for integrations. People often choose the free program when starting out with app development. Over time, however, they choose to move to a paid plan.

UI Stencils

This mobile app design tool remains a favorite among many designers today. They appreciate having Vector shapes they can scale without worrying about losing resolution. In addition, they can edit the Vector shapes by drawing lines or using them as a mask. This allows the background colors to come through. UI Stencils also allows for copying and pasting between designs.

The Action Bar Layer draws many people to this program. They can add this Action Bar with little effort to each app they design, and the user makes mockups quickly with the help of the copy-paste between layers feature.

As people design the apps on actual devices rather than in a program, finding problems is easy. In addition, this allows the design to reach the client in less time. They can review the app and determine if changes need to be made. The fast turnaround time increases customer satisfaction.

Everything in the program remains connected. This means the designer can create different screen sizes with only one document. Furthermore, teams can collaborate and access previous designs with the help of this document. They won’t need duplicate documents open to complete the project.


Individuals looking for a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool that works with multiple browsers turn to Figma. This program emphasizes user experience and interface design while allowing designers to collaborate in real-time.

Advanced transitions take no effort on the designer’s part, thanks to the Smart Animate feature, and users can scale designs for any screen. Team members enjoy being able to reuse components in a published library, and the prototype is viewable on mobile devices.

The one drawback is the lack of resources seen in this program. Designers don’t have access to many components or icons. In addition, it only has a small community backing right now.


Teams often work together on app development and need a program that makes collaborating effortless. UXPin is this program. The product design platform allows people to come together to create and present fully interactive wireframes and prototypes. The team develops a concept and brings it to life all within this program.

Any person involved in the project can access the work being done and share it with others. Designers enjoy being able to run live usability tests with end-users to ensure the app meets their needs. However, this program comes with a higher price tag than many competitors, which designers must consider when deciding which program to use.


Anyone in need of a prototyping tool that is easy to use should check out Mockplus. It works with Android and iOS operating systems and allows designers to incorporate abundant and thorough interface design elements and icon libraries into their creations.

Users move between design and prototype modes with nothing more than a click. They can also drag wires between various sections of the program to create interactive prototypes rapidly.

Collaboration among team members is effortless when using this program. The designer hands-off work online and shares prototypes on mobile devices with the help of a link. Finally, the responsive layout feature allows the app to fit any layout or screen.

Mobile app design plays a key role in the overall app development process. With the right tools, any person can create an amazing app that achieves their stated objectives. However, many people find they benefit from working with a professional on this task. Doing so helps to ensure their app provides an outstanding user experience, which is necessary to succeed in today’s competitive world. 

Author: Juno Yates

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