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Mobile App Development Checklist for Startups

Apps are a major trend in this current world of technologies. The number of mobile apps is increasing drastically as compared to web apps. End-user finds it more comfortable to use a mobile app then to visit a website. Business owners have started realizing the fact that apps are future and are investing in digitilizing their business and making it easy to reach for their target audience.

Establishing your identity online with the help of mobile app will benefit you the long run, and will help you in increasing the user engagement. Before being launched the mobile app has to pass through several stages in its life cycle.

Breaking the mobile app development cycle in small steps will enhance the pace of development and will make it more feasible.  In this article, we have drawn a clear picture of the future development of the business app and will help you in launching a successful ap.  


  • Document your app idea


Once you have the idea in your mind, you need to sketch out each detail related to your app.

It will serve the purpose during the development phase of your app. List every concept idea in simple term so that everyone can understand it. Try to answer some question to have a clear idea of your app.

  • What’s the purpose of your mobile app?
  • What are your expectations regarding the app?
  • Have you listed all the functionality?
  • Have you thought of making it more useful and engaging for your end user?
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  1. Analyze your competitors:

Before diving in the sea of app development for your business idea, you need to be aware of who you are going to compete in the market. Analyzing your rivals and tracking them will help you know the current market trend and you can modify your app idea to assure more user engagement. It’s beneficial to have prior knowledge of your competitor’s app in the market.  You must analyze their apps features, functionality and limitation.

This will provide you with an idea on how to improvise your app idea to gain more positive feedback from your apps end-users.

You should do deep research on your competitor’s product and analyze the area they lack. Further, you need to target to improve those areas in your app.  Target on customer’s grievances for their app to satisfy them through your product.

  1. Research on target user and their demand

Before starting with the app development you need to analyze your target audience who are going to use their app so as to resolve their complex problems.

The secret sauce behind the success of any type of innovation is providing the users with valuable product solving their problems. There are thousands of app in the market, there is an app for everything, but there are many apps which are unused.

Before launching your app, you should make sure that your target audience requires that app. The users are always thirsty to try something new and innovative which is helpful in solving their problems.  So, try to add some creativity to your app rather than following the same pattern as other available in the market.

To make your app successful and to engage more users, you need to come out with a different concept rather than the one which is already being circulated in the market. Try to meet out the demands of users who are still not been solved, provide them with an immediate solution.

Invest your time in analyzing the problem the target audience is facing and come up with a solution to meet their demand through your app.

  1. Decide the budget of your app

After analyzing the user, the market demand and listing the app features and functionality you need to have a proper budget for your app.

How much will it cost to build your app?

That is entirely dependent on the type of app, its functionality, and features. Every app requires proper allocation of resources, budget, and more important decision making.

Once you decide the budget of your app as per its features and functionality, you need to decide which one too with in-house funding or finding a financer.

Factors deciding the budget of an app:

  • Functionality and features
  • The platform on which app is to be built
  • Responsiveness of the app
  1. Decide on which platform you want your app to be built

It’s essential to decide which platform to go with for your app, Android or iOS?

Every organization whether small or large, need an app with enhanced user experience, to increase customer engagement. It’s a crucial decision to take for your apps. So, you need to observe minutely what your app requires as each platform has its own specification.  

Find out which platform your target audience is more used to, and you will have the answer to the question. Based on your budget and observation you can decide which platform to go, for your mobile app. However, if you decide to launch your app on multiple platforms, you need to prioritize which one to go first, and that depends on your research on the target audience and their requirements.    

As per the trending technology you have an affordable option to go with a cross-platform app development approach.

  1. Partner with the right development agency

Once you are done with the research and analysis and have decided the platform and budget for your app, you need to partner with the right development team to turn your dream app into reality.  

With the increasing demand, the stats for the number of app development companies has increased drastically. There are many options available for you, you need analyses and shortlist the reputed and experienced company.

It will help you in the long run as these professionals have faced similar challenges in the past and will understand you and your requirements. They will help you in decision making and will turn your business app idea into a successful reality app.

Before handling your dream app idea to other agencies, it’s mandatory to perform a complete background check of their portfolio.

Your apps preference depends not only on your vision but also how much effort the development team is pouring to it in its development phase. So, choose the right partner for your dream app.  

  1. Branding Your Mobile App

You need to establish your identity in the digital world. Similar to designing and development, branding your business app is also essential, and diving early into the branding phase of your mobile app will definitely help you in the long run.

Branding starts from the initial phase, you need to choose the color, pattern, fonts, logo of your app. It will be beneficial for the developers as well as it will help you in establishing the brand identity in the web world.  The mobile app serves as a tool for branding your business so its design should match your brand and its strategies.

  1. Decide if you need to provide offline functionality

Majority of the app needs internet connectivity for its smooth running. Users revisit an app if the app has smooth user experience and functionality. You need to decide that your user need data from the app even they are offline.

You need to discuss with your developer to embed the caching mechanism to ensure smooth working of your app even in slow internet connectivity. Apps like Progressive web app are available which runs smoothly in poor internet connectivity. You need to check with your developer if you choose to have an offline capability.

  1. Focus on app security

The security of the user data should be on the top. Developers should plan accordingly so as to maintain the security of the app. The user data should be secure and users should feel safe when they visit your app.  You need to plan from the beginning so as to maintain the security level of your app.  You need to assure that our development team s following specific rules and protocols for security so as make your app safe for your target audience.

  1. Plan for post-launch support

After the launch of your app, you need to have a support team for your app maintenance to resolve user bug and updates for your app. Discuss and plan the post-launch support with the agency you have partnered with. Your app is the face of your brand, and any bug and issues reported should be resolved on priority.

  1.  Proper  Marketing Strategy

One should have a proper marketing strategy for your apps promotion and promotion for your app should start in the early phase before its launch. Pick a date for launching your app and plan your app development phases as per the date of launch. Focusing on pre and post launch strategy for any business app will definitely help you grow in the long run.

Proper marketing before the launch of any app is vital as it will help you’re to engage your target audience.  To survive in this competitive world you need to stand out with an effective marketing strategy so as to engage the customers and make your app a great one.


The above-defined strategies will help you to launch a successful app for your business. Once you have a plan, reach out the right mobile app development company who will guide you to turn your idea into reality.

With the help of a proper synchronized plan and keeping in mind the above-mentioned factor, you can minimize potential time loss and utilize your resources efficiently. Once you have an idea and have decided the budget, you need to hire professionals from the world-class app development company to ensure timely launch and success of your dream app.

Author: Safdar Butt

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