Published On: Wed, Oct 30th, 2019

Mladen Djankovic on the Cornerstones of Every Successful Business

While many factors affect a company’s success, Mladen Djankovic believes that strong leadership is at the top of that list.  He also believes that while some leaders have the innate qualities required for leading a team, some leaders become great leaders by getting down in the trenches and continuously working and learning with their team.  

There are several effective leadership strategies – from motivating employees and boosting productivity to getting the right people for the job and assuring the company has proper management in the years to come.

  1. Set Realistic Goals.

When employees are given impossible tasks or tasks that require endless hours of overtime to accomplish, often, these tasks are left hanging, and when they do get completed, the employees lose that motivation and willpower to work on new projects/tasks. Realistic goals keep employees from being frustrated and burned out or feeling incompetent.  It’s also good for the overall productivity of the workforce.

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  1. Assign Partners for Certain Tasks.

Mladen has observed just how effective collaboration is when it comes to helping employees grow. In fact, in bigger companies, the best leaders are known to encourage teamwork between employees in different departments to facilitate continued learning within the company.  Collaboration also works wonders in more ways than one – it is also a great way to increase and maximize the skillset of every employee – which is something a leader must learn to do.

  1. Have Employees Undergo Training Whenever Feasible.

In line with the earlier item, Mladen Djankovic believes that if an employee feels like they are learning, they feel like they are growing.  And when employees feel like there is growth in the company they are in, they are less likely to leave. Training is a great way to facilitate career growth, and business leaders should see it more as an investment than an expense.

  1. Know When to Hire the Right People.

When a company starts out, it is a must to hire the right people.  And this isn’t all too difficult when given time and effort since the right people often exhibit a good attitude from the get-go. However, when a company grows and departments are created, and new jobs are opened, business leaders need to change their approach to hiring.  At this point, the company should no longer just hire the right people, but hire the right people for the job. These people not only have the right attitude, they also have the required experience and skills required for the position/department that they are filling.

  1. Know More.

While it may be impossible to be more informed on a certain topic than one of your employees (since these employees spend hours on end on their jobs), effective business leaders need to show that they at least know the broader strokes of every aspect of their business. Mladen also believes that at the very least, leaders need to be proficient with the basics of the job, from using the simplest computer programs to knowing the general info on a product or service.

Mladen Djankovic is the co-founder and CEO of RockerMama LLC and its parent company, Rocking, Inc.  He is also the co-inventor of The Ready Rocker™, the world’s first truly portable, patent-pending rocker.  More on Mr. Djankovic and his ventures.


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