Published On: Fri, Oct 17th, 2014

Mischievous Male Celebrity Costumes For Halloween: Lil Wayne, Mike Tyson, Justin Bieber

Celebrities get into trouble, this is quite the known fact. It is seen throughout the media and many times is seen through people dressing up like these celebrities. This article will highlight some of the celebrities you and your friends can get a laugh out of you dressing like them. A good costume could lead you to be the life of the party or the person that everyone was talking about the next day for all of the right reasons.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been in trouble with the law on multiple occasions over the past decade. This include an arrest for weapons possession in New York. At the border in Arizona, his tour bus was pulled over with a myriad of different drugs, over $10,000 in cash. Lil Wayne has been in trouble on other occasions but those charges have been conveniently dropped.

Dressing like Lil Wayne aka Weezy seems like it would be a blast. Wearing dreadlocks would be a great time in itself while being able to belt out “it’s Weezy baby!” in a crazy voice seems like it would be fun. This would also be the only time you could have a multiple face tattoos and not be judged even though they were fake. All of these supplies can be found online on a site like purecostumes.com.

Mike Tyson the-hangover photoMike Tyson

There are many different phases of Mike Tyson, all of them have been entertaining. Tyson does have a dark side though, being a convicted rapist and having spent time in prison. He has been convicted of drug and DUI charges. Tyson also had the ear bite of Evander Holyfield which was near the end of his already spiraling career. Tyson is known for his antics, although not all of them have been illegal, they have been outrageous to say the least.

Dressing up as Tyson would be personally one of my favorite costumes. You could wear a boxing robe and boxing gloves as well as some gold teeth. If you are going to dress like Mike Tyson, you should have a couple of his crazy phrases memorized just in case somebody asks you who you are. Bringing in a large stuffed tiger on a leash might also clear this up as Tyson is known to have an affinity for Tigers. Then the face tattoo will definitely put it over the edge.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s run-ins with the law have been highly publicized via social media and the media in general. Bieber has been arrested for DUI, assault, dangerous driving, and has tested positive for drugs on different occasions. This young man’s has gone from a Disney star to a bad boy very quickly. The thing about Bieber’s legal troubles, he does not seem to care in the slightest. Granted, he is a 19 year old kid with 120 million dollars and although that is not an excuse it could alleviate many people’s worries.

For this costume, you might need an extreme amount of hair gel. Bieber has quite a few tattoos so drawing these on is paramount. If you cannot find the exorbitant amount of hair gel needed, just keep you hat on the top of your head like the above picture. Practice the pouty eyes and you’ve got the Bieber costume down!

As you can see, dressing up as some troubled celebrity can be a lot of fun. It will also have you being remembered at this year’s Halloween party!

Which celebrity would you dress up as?

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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