Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2020

Minimalism: A Simple Introduction

Learn the basics of minimalism and how it can enhance your life at home, without much effort at all. 

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Minimalism is a word that has become much more common over the last few years as the trend takes hold as a lifestyle many people appreciate. 

It can help us to live a simpler life, with fewer things, less expenditure on ‘stuff’ and a clearer, cleaner home. 

To help you get an idea of what minimalism is and how it can enhance your life, take a look at our simple guide:

So, What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is about living a life with fewer things. Not only should we be reducing our clutter, but also keeping the level of clutter reduced. Everything we bring into the home should have a purpose and be bought in with a reason. This helps us value what we do have, and also, value that there is so much that we don’t need. 

How To Have A More Minimalist Life

If you’re interested in living a more minimalist life, here are our top tips to help you achieve it:

Take A Look At The Space You Do Have

Look at your cheap storage unit, your home, any outhouses, the shed and any other space you may have. Try to look at it with new eyes, beyond the furniture or any clutter you have. This will help you truly understand how much space that you have to work with, and how much ideally you would like to clear. 


Decluttering is an essential part of starting a minimalist life. It can be so difficult to face up to doing, but once you’ve done one room, we promise you will be hooked. Declutter like you have never declutter before. Deal with those messy drawers, that long forgotten cheap self storage unit, the back of the wardrobes, that spider infested loft. You’ll get rid of so much, and gain so much space and clarity in the home. You might even make a bit of money too by selling off your things. 

Design A Space You Love

After decluttering, try not to get used to the space you had before, but with less stuff. Instead, create a space that you really love. Think about the purpose that each item has, and what kind of items you feel would truly enhance the space. You may even want to exchange some of your current furniture or technology after thinking about what it has to offer. Could the table be one with more storage? Could the TV cabinet be smaller? Maybe the TV could be installed into the wall to make more space. Re-evaluating the space you have and redesigning it will help you not only be minimalist, but secure a minimalist future. 

Hopefully our mini guide has inspired you to consider minimalist habits. It can clear your home, and your mind. It can help also help you to save money and use your home better long-term. Start downsizing your belongings today and see how you feel, reducing your house by one item is already one step towards a more minimalist life. 

Author: Anna Preston

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