Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Mind-boggling Puzzle Games That You Should Try

Playing puzzle games can reap a lot of benefits for kids and adults alike. Aside from the fun and excitement that these puzzle games do, these games can be mind-boggling that will enhance your ability to analyze and think. According to studies, puzzle games can improve the kid’s ability to solve problems. It can also improve critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills. It also enhances a person’s self-esteem and social skills. Puzzle games can also increase the concentration of both adults and kids by increasing their attention span.

There are a quite a few puzzle games out there to play, here are some of the puzzle games that you should definitely try:


One of the simplest puzzle games to play is Sudoku. Originated in Switzerland, the game became popular even up to this day. The term, Soduku comes from the two Japanese words, “su” which means numbers and “doku” means “single.” Thus, the game means single number. Its objective is simple; you need to fill out the puzzle, a grid that consists of little boxes called cells. The puzzle is mostly nine squares long and nine squares wide, totaling  81 cells. These are subdivided into nine small squares wherein each box is to be filled out with the digits 0-9. However, the catch is that the player must not repeat the number in a row and column and within the small square in the puzzle.

Crossword Puzzles

Another favorite puzzle game is the Crossword Puzzles.  First appeared in the 19th century England, crossword puzzles gain prominence as being the brain-teaser. The game subsequently appears in daily newspapers and weekly magazines. The goal of the game is to fill out the white boxes with words/phrases by solving the clues found outside the puzzle. These words/phrases, maybe fill out horizontally or vertically.


Tetris is a popular block game that is available on video game consoles, arcades, home computers, and mobile phones. The objective of the game is to create a ten solid horizontal block from the tetrominoes. The player can manipulate these falling tetrominoes, the game pieces which are four block-geometric shapes, by controlling them sideways or rotating them. When a ten solid horizontal block is completed, these lines will disappear, and any block above it will fall.

Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the coolest puzzle games on our list. Once called as Magic Cube, the toy is considered as the world’s best-selling toy as well as the world’s top-selling puzzle game. To solve the puzzle, the player needs to manipulate each cube (which varies of six different colors) and have each face return to only one color. Each face of the cube has only one color.

Jigsaw Puzzles

The Jigsaw Puzzles, also known as picture puzzle, is a game in which the player needs to fit different irregular pieces of shapes. These shapes are part of the whole picture. When all the pieces are fit together, the complete picture will be revealed. There are different variations of jigsaw puzzles, as well as smaller puzzles which may consist of less than 1000 pieces. The sophisticated yet still familiar ones have more than 1000 pieces. There are three-dimensional puzzles, and now, there are computerized versions that eliminate the risk of missing some pieces, as well as giving the benefit of zero cleanups.

It’s good to challenge the mind once in awhile. Playing mind-boggling games such as puzzles and sudoku can sharpen and train the mind as well as delaying brain degeneration in the future. Overall, playing puzzle games improves your mental health.

Author: Lolita Di

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