Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2015

Mike Holloway wins ‘Survivor’ and then praises Jesus, hands money to mom

Mike Holloway continue to dominate the recent season of survivor, winning back-to-back individual immunity challenges, and was ultimately crowned the “Sole Survivor.”

Mike raced to hug his mother as host Jeff Probst chased down the champion, giving him his $1 million check, which was quickly given to his mom.

Probst talked the isolation and challenge of being alone in the final weeks on the show and Holloway quickly praised Jesus Christ and pointed to a spiritual strength. When pressed, Mike revealed his regrets and decisions which resulted in his exclusion from the group for so many weeks.

Survivor Worlds Apart bannerFive individual immunities guaranteed Mike’s success and the jury rewarded Holloway with the grand prize over Will and Carolyn.

The 30th sesaon was tarnished with sexist and vulgar remarks, particularly about women (Dan in particular) and attacks on other players (Will attacking Shirin) which overflowed into the recap show which derailed into apologies and video clips.

The climax of the show was the fans selecting the contestants for the new season: Second Chance.

Jeff announced that the new players will be:
Kelly Wigglesworth
Kimmie Cappenberg
Jeff Varner
Keith Nale
Jeremy Collins
Ciera Easton
Vytas Baskauskas
Terry Dietz
Andrew Savage
Kass McQuillen
Monica Padilla
Kelly Wentworth
Shirin Oskooi
Max Dawson
Tasha Fox
Joe Anglim
Stephen Fishbach
Woo Hwang

In a staged moved, the group moved on the bus to head straight to Cambodia! Season 31 starts now but fans won’t see it until Fall!

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