Published On: Wed, Mar 2nd, 2011

Mike Church interview with DeskofBrian’s Brandon Jones

Mike Church hosts one of the few radio shows which truly challenges our politicians on the topics of freedom, liberty and the Constitution. The self-proclaimed “King Dude” describes himself as a recovering and reformed Neo-con who encourages audiences to demand adherence to the Constitution.

DOB was fortunate enough to get a chance to ask Church a few questions.

BRANDON JONES: Mike, first off let me thank you for your time. When I saw you speak at the Campaign for Liberty Summit last fall, you advised the audience that the local elections are the key to getting America back on track to following the Constitution. Do you feel that the last election, the mid-election, actually achieved a step in that direction?

MIKE CHURCH: You are welcome! The elections of 2010 were historic for what they really changed which was the makeup of the state legislatures, it was the biggest realignment of local politics since 1928. This doesn’t mean that victory was achieved because the state governments have let Leviathan push them around for decades. In exchange they get access to borrowed money that they can spend (the states don’t directly borrow to run deficits) on their vainglorious projects, it is quite a racket actually so I don’t look for anything to dramatically change. I think that the local offices are now at least on people’s “radar screens” but I don’t think there has been a sea change in direction.

BBJ: Here in Florida, there was a landslide victory for Marco Rubio, who somehow garnered the Tea Party label. What are your thoughts on Rubio? Neo-Con?

MIKECHURCH: I call him “Woodrow Rubio Wilson“ and he is a DeceptiCON, 100% certified DeceptiCON! I actually interviewed him once upon a time and he sounded very Tea Party authentic then back in March of 2010. I wonder how many “Romney/Rubio” buttons and bumper stickers we will start to see later this spring?

BBJ: I’m going to link to a recent video you posted on your YouTube page about the deficit fairy. Why do you think the majority of Americans are so confused, blind or brainwashed by the concept of our debt crisis, inflation and currency devaluation?

MIKECHURCH: Because we have not been taught critical thinking, we are instead taught that the collective interest is good and that the collective’s agents (the government) are wisely managing our complex affairs. Economics is now reduced to the sphere of a magician as if these men with fancy titles and distinctions after their names can apply some mystical algorhythims to plan and run our economy. The simple process of supply and demand and the effect the means of production has on manufacturing is thought to be irrelevant. We are conditioned to believe that debt is wealth and that government doesn’t need to worry about the former because it is creating so much of the latter. Had you tried to convince the simpleton’s of the 18th century of this you would have been laughed out of polite company.

Currency/money is something else that is so easy to understand that what is truly baffling is the lack of knowledge on the subject. Folks now regularly confuse inflation with economic growth thinking that rising asset prices are always good things and the amazing thing is that it is technology that allows us access to this knowledge and that same technology is under constant pressure to deflate.

Watch Mike Church’s videos here at his YouTube channel: The Official Talking Dude

BBJ: Your radio show, heard daily Monday through Friday on SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel 144 and XM Satellite Radio channel 166 from 6:00am to 9:00 Eastern Time, has a unique flavor in that it is much more libertarian that the big guys like Beck, Limbaugh or Hannity. How did you come to carve out this niche and how well received it this in the public venue?

MIKE CHURCH: Well, the niche carving was done by accident because it happened organically. I started down a path of inquiry back in 2006-2007 that led me to an ever increasing number of doors to open. The more questions I asked the more hackneyed and trite were what I thought were settled answers/explanations. I approach the show as a forum of inquiry conducted with my friends where I am supposed to bring the hit records we all want to hear. I have always placed an emphasis on the entertaining aspects of talk radio with the goal being that even if you couldn’t stand my opinion on any subject you would hang around listen for the humor and the unpredictable twists and turns I’m going to add to any story.

Truth be known, so much of the formula for success in this business is being in the right place at the right time-manufacturing luck-if you will. The response has been tremendous among conservative/liberty minded people but not so much with the liberty crowd who I think are always suspicious of media people to start with. The liberty minded media outlets have proven to be even more difficult to crack so you wind up being a pariah of conventional conservative media (National Review etc) and untrusted/unproven by liberty minded media which is OK because the show is done for the radio audience which never stops growing and is wonderful.

BBJ: Recently on your Facebook page you posted a correction to comments you made regarding DOMA, state rights and Congress’s power on the issue. I personally find that level of accountability refreshing. What kind of feedback to you get from your listeners?

MIKECHURCH: Overwhelmingly positive. I cannot expect listeners to trust me to be their news and opinion source if I won’t or don’t correct mis-information or incorrect facts from time to time as they happen. My opinion of the DOMA was correct that the states-if anyone has to issue marriage licenses should handle these questions, where I was wrong was in claiming the DOMA was unconstitutional.

Article IV Section I, grants Congress the authority to write rules respecting records and judicial proceedings from other states. I didn’t even consider whether or not to clarify the statement but thought that I should clarify ASAP because people were still talking about it. Many listeners were not happy with the incorrect opinion which does not change these are the same listeners who insisted that the McDonald vs Chicago was a Godsend and it was a Godsend if you are liberal member of Congress pining away to write laws governing what “having a gun for home protection” can be defined as? A .22 caliber? Is a .38 too big? How many shells can I own at once? These are all now under the watchful of eye of our federal masters now that Amendment II is “incorporated”.

Check out Mike Church’s website: http://www.mikechurch.com/

Thank you again to Mike for taking time to answer questions for the DOB readers.


The “State of the Nation” column by Brandon Jones began on a website called Crazed Fanboy to discuss topics that the regular media were not reporting or barely discussed. While there was a strong political tone, there were no limits to topics or arenas discussed.

As the relationship with Crazed Fanboy deteriorated, the partnership between Robert Herriman (author “Insights”) and the Brian strengthen to for the current “Desk of Brian”.

Just as we have John Does or Average Joes, we created the “Regular Guy” approach to sorting through the news, adding our own commentary and opinions, fused with contributors from all over the globe.

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