Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2014

Michael Rapaport talks Daryl Crowe, ‘Justified’ season 5, his accent and up close to gators

Justified season 5 features a new villain, the kingpin of the Crowe clan, the redneck crime family from Florida led by Darryl Crowe. Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman) returns and we’ll his cousin Darryl, played by Michael Rapaport.

Justified season 5 Michael Rapaport as Darryl CroweRapaport talks to Entertainment Weekly about the role and how he worked on his accent by watching reality TV shows.

“Now I have an excuse: Moonshiners, those guys got thick, thick accents, so much that they sometimes have subtitles, and then there’s another one with snakes [National Geographic Channel’sSnake Salvation].”

“For the first time in my life, I have started to listen to and appreciate country music for the accent and the cadence and the pace of talk,” he says. “I’m from New York, you know what I mean? So the accent is something I really warm up to. My kids and my girlfriend, they’ve had enough of it already because I do it around the house — particularly my girlfriend gets kinda freaked out by it and all the things I say. It’s important for me because it’s so far from the way I speak normally.”

Raylan (Timothy Olyphant), who we’ll learn has put Darryl away before, is called to Florida in the premiere to help locate and vanquish the Crowes’ latest moneymaker, Dewey. Season 5 takes Justified back to Florida, where Rapaport noted the filming with alligators.

“The only time I ever saw an alligator up-close,” he says, “was when I wound up with Jay-Z at some tour of Michael Jackson’s house years ago. He had an alligator there, so I saw one, and I was like, holy s–t! You could hear the alligator and everything. But to be at the swamps in Miami and see them creeping up during the middle of scenes was pretty impressive. I remember I was doing one scene with Tim and an alligator just made its way like he was watching us, like he was a fan of the show or something. To see that up close, being from New York City your whole life, was kind of startling. But it made for a good shot.”

Rapaport admits he’s a big fan of the show as he explains how he differs from Olyphant.

“I’m a fan of Tim’s and I’m a fan of Walt’s, so I knew going into it that I wanted to bring it to them and bring something special,” he says. He sees a sort of yin and yang in himself and Olyphant:  ”We’re very different in our physical dispositions. Tim Olyphant has just got a real ease and a swagger about him when he plays the part. Like, I think he’d be like one of those swimmers that just does slow laps. Darryl is definitely a little bit more uptight and wound up.”

Check out the full interview HERE

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