Published On: Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Michael Moore’s attacked after divorce reveals 9 homes, new worth $50 million

Michael Moore has played the “every man” card over the years, reaching out to a liberal minded audience to attack capitalism and conventional Conservative ideology. Now, Moore’s divorce from Kathy Glynn after 22 years has outed the filmmaker’s finances.

photo Prognosic

photo Prognosic

, 60, is blaming his wife for the expansion of the 10,000-square-foot home on Torch Lake, Mich. which has a value of $2 million, according to the July 22 coverage by Detroit News of the divorce which includes details on his $50 million net worth, a drunk driving arrest and high paid Hollywood players to keep his career engergized.

Breitbart notes “On top of a $2 million, 10,000 square foot lakefront mansion in Torch Lake, Michigan, there is a Manhattan condo that was once 3 condos, and 7 other properties. Moore’s secret role as a land baron was revealed in divorce papers…”

This is all very different from the image sold as a “ballcap-wearing, duck-waddling denizens of Flint,” says the Detroit News.

Moore’s documentary Capitalism: A Love Story targeted much of America’s infrastructure: Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Republicans and has referred to capitalism as “evil” and narrates “This is capitalism. A system of taking and giving… mostly taking.”

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld went On the Record saying that despite Moore being a vocal opponent of the ‘one-percent’ richest Americans, Moore is ‘richer than the pound cake that he eats’.

“All this shows is the hypocrisy of a leftist,” Gutfield added.

NBC even turned on Moore with an expose by Gabe Gutierrez which began with the $2 million home: “It belongs to one of the state’s most well-known celebrities. Not Eminem or Kid Rock, no, this $2 million home on Torch Lake is owned by filmmaker Michael Moore and his wife of twenty-two years, Kathleen Glynn” and ended with “Already exposed, what some in this small Michigan town feel is a contradiction between Moore’s common-man persona and his uncommon wealth.”

Check out the full NBC coverage HERE

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