Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2016

Michael Moore tweets that Donald Trump brings fascism, was right about GOP winning

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, Michael Moore posted ridiculous tweet about the arrival of fascism.

“The next wave of fascism will come not with cattle cars and camps. It will come with a friendly face.” – Bertram Gross, “Friendly Fascism” — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) November 9, 2016

Moore attacked Trump in his latest propaganda film, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” had predicted that Trump would win the election in back handed efforts to motivate leftists to support Hillary Clinton.

photo/ Pete Linforth via Pixabay

photo/ Pete Linforth via Pixabay

Moore laid out five reasons why Trump would win on his website back in July with a racist overtone. He wrote that Trump needed only to focus on blue states Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and noted his theory of “The Last Stand of the Angry White Man.”

“There is a sense that the power has slipped out of their hands, that their way of doing things is no longer how things are done,” Moore wrote. “This monster, the ‘Feminazi,’ the thing that as Trump says, ‘bleeds through her eyes or wherever she bleeds,’ has conquered us — and now, after having had to endure eight years of a black man telling us what to do, we’re supposed to just sit back and take eight years of a woman bossing us around? After that it’ll be eight years of the gays in the White House!”

Moore also expressed that many will vote for Trump “because they can” similar to when professional wrestler Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota.

He highlighted “the Hillary problem,” in which he noted that the enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton “just isn’t there” (particularly among millennials) and that Trump was getting more people off their seats and to the polls.

“Let’s face it: Our biggest problem here isn’t Trump – it’s Hillary. She is hugely unpopular — nearly 70% of all voters think she is untrustworthy and dishonest,” wrote Moore. “She represents the old way of politics, not really believing in anything other than what can get you elected.”

During an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher back in July, Moore once again expressed, “I’m sorry to have to be the buzzkill here so early on, but I think Trump is going to win.”

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