Published On: Fri, Jul 27th, 2018

Michael Giuffrida Provides Plastic Surgery Following Accidents

Many people see plastic surgery as something for those with too much money and those who are incredibly vain. People believe that we should be happy with the body’s we have been given and that wanting to change this is reflective of a societal obsession with looks and unrealistic ideals on physical appearance. While there certainly is an element of this, Michael Giuffrida prides himself on also working with patients in Hartford and Southington who have physical deformities and problems through no fault of their own.

© Photographer – James C. Mutter / Facial Plastic Surgeon Amir Karam, MD

Michael Giuffrida on Dog Attacks

It seems that not a day goes by without a story breaking of people being attacked by dogs. The injuries are often horrific, particularly if a dangerous dog such as a pit bull is involved. Often, people who are attacked by these dogs end up with defensive bite marks on their arms, but also attack marks on their face and neck. Indeed, Michael Giuffrida has worked with people who have lost some their nose and ears, torn their mouths, lost an eye, gouged their cheeks, and so on. Once the wounds have healed, these people are often left with hideous scars that they will have to carry for the rest of their lives. Through no fault of their own, these people have to relive the horrors of their attack every time they look in the mirror, while at the same time having to live with the staring, hushed comments, and frightened looks of others. He prides himself on being able to offer people in this situation the help they need to regain their previous looks.

Michael Giuffrida on Burn Victims

Another group of people that Giuffrida provides plastic surgery to are those who have suffered burn wounds. Again, the scarring that results following burns is tremendous. Often, people who experience facial wounds also lose most of their hair. He has been able to complete skin grafts for people who have suffered burns as well as hair transplants, in order for them to regain some sense of normality and not be horrified whenever they see themselves in a mirror.

Michael Giuffrida on Accidents

There are numerous other situations in which people can be horribly disfigured. Vehicle accidents, horse riding accidents, slips, trips, and falls, and more are just some examples of situations in which people can be forced to look like a completely different person. According to Giuffrida, wanting to have plastic surgery in those cases is not vanity, nor a waste of money. It is a chance for people to feel human again and to recover from whatever horrors they have experienced.

People in Hartford and Southington have tremendous respect for the plastic surgeon who understands that beauty may only be skin deep, it is a hugely important part of our lives. Through his work, people have been able to regain their self esteem and confidence and have gone on to live long, happy, and fulfilling lives. That isn’t vanity, it is humanity.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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