Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2018

Michael Giuffrida on Good Preparation Practices Patients Can Have for Surgery

When you hear that you need to have surgery it can an overwhelming revelation. Most people have visions of lots of mysterious things happening to their bodies when they are in their most vulnerable state, unconscious. This visual is actually true but what is also true is that you will be in the hands of a very experienced medical team that includes your surgeon, his staff and the hospital that are trained to do a stellar job and are prepared for every eventuality during your surgery. For this reason you can rest assured that every precaution will be taken and professionals are also in control.

However to improve the chances of the best outcome from your surgery also takes some work on behalf of the patient. Many of these things are simple common sense while others might not be so obvious for those not used to going under the knife.  

photo/ Darko Stojanovic

Do Research on Surgeons Before You Pick Yours

All surgeons who are registered are qualified so you should always check a surgeons certifications to ensure he or she has the necessary qualifications and is in good standing like Dr, Michael Giuffrida. You should also make sure that you surgeon is very skilled in the type of surgery that you want done. Surgeons typically have a specialty and it is likely that your surgeon has been recommended because he is an expert in the type of surgery you need done. But it is always a good idea to make sure that this is the case. So ask how many of the types of surgeons he is performing on you he has performed and how many lately.

If the surgeon has been cleared in terms of certifications and that he is an expert for your type of surgery, you still need to do some research on your particular surgeon because just like in any profession there are different quality levels of surgeons. You should check on line for any feedback about your particular surgeon. Are people he has operated on saying good things about his skills, demeanor and follow-up? Does he have a caring personality? Is he happy to answer any questions his patient has? If there was a problem did he stay on top of it until it was rectified? Doing your research will give you greater important insight into the person and how they will likely treat you. Aim for someone who only has positive feedback and great recommendations and you will likely be most satisfied.  

Have Someone Drive You to and From the Hospital

This is a nervous time for you and the last thing you need to deal with is an automobile and traffic. So get someone to give you a ride to the hospital. Also have this person check you in and make sure you are comfortable in your room. This person can also be on call for you while you are in the hospital and if possible should stay there during and after the surgery. If not possible, the person should definitely come and pick you up to drive you home when you are cleared to leave. So pick someone who is responsible and will be available when needed.

Author: James Daniel

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