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Men’s Belts: Picking the Right Size

Belts have been a part of human history since the Bronze Age when clothes were hoisted together with crude materials. However, it’s in the 20s that belts as we know them came to be. In this period, soldiers in Eastern Europe wore them tightly around their waists for stability as well as aesthetic purposes.

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The basic concept of the belt has for the most part remained the same, leather belts being the most popular compared to fabric and they are typically long and taper off. They were used in the place of suspenders, offering men a way to adjust their pants in a more easy and casual way. Modern belts feature any of a wide variety of buckles.

Their simple mechanics notwithstanding, belts are used in a number of ways, including police officers’ utility belts. Seemingly, a belt exists for most occasions. The problem is that a majority of men get by with at most two belts – one black and one brown. In addition to just being dull, it fails to take advantage of the value good belts offer to dapper men.

Believe it or not, your belt speaks volumes about you, and it is well within eye-view as you approach anyone. Wearing the wrong belt will make you look out of sync. Pick the right one and you’re likely to get a compliment. Furthermore, choosing the most suitably sized belt can save you from the embarrassment of a calamitous pants-down situation.

It is for these reasons that this article offers some advice on choosing a fashionable and practical men’s belt with which you can confidently approach any situation.

The right way to wear a belt

As you search for the right belt, it is important to keep in mind that no belt is perfect. Every guy has unique needs and you might need a number of belts for different outfits and occasions. As with shoes which are suitable for different situations (e.g. sports, office, etc.), belts are also available in a variety of styles and for different uses.

Woven linen belts, for instance, are a great springtime accessory to wear when the nautical look is trending. Similarly, casual woven leather belts go well with jeans. However, they are not suitable for the office because of their bulk. High-fashion buckles would certainly work when looking to be the center of attention at a party but they are not appropriate for sporting events.

To get a good idea of the belts you need, you need to take a good look at your entire wardrobe, identifying the clothes that you wear regularly. A standard leather belt is fine for a refined look if you go to a lot of events that require formal dressing. On the other hand, if you’re more active, you want to explore other options, including designer belts at https://www.testfacts.com/12-best-designer-belts/.

The good news is that there’s probably a belt for every man and for almost any imaginable situation. The key is to identify a belt that fits not only your style but also your physique. If you’ve been wearing the wrong size belt or no belt at all, you’ll be surprised to find out that belts do more than simply holding your pants in place.

A good belt complements your entire outfit in a subtle but undeniably appealing way. Sure, it secures your pants firmly on your waist. But in addition to that, it gives you a slender appearance and ensures you’re comfortable. This is especially the case for portly men who, for your information, can rock a belt just as well as their slender counterparts.

The size and fit

The first thing to consider when looking for the right belt for you is length. Just like shoes or jeans, belts also have sizes. Store-bought belts typically follow the same sizing requirements as pants. You might however want to go up two or three sizes to get the best fit.

When trying out belts, be sure to place them over your pants, allowing a few inches for them to loop through holes. You want the belt to wrap around your largest mid-section comfortably, and loop into the first hole without you having to breathe in or pull it hard.

A two- or three-inch run of the belt is fine but be wary of belts that are too long. The run should sit on the hip and not shoot out. If the fabric is not enough, go for another belt that is one or two sizes higher to get a belt that sits well with your physique.

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