Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

MegaCon 2017 recap: Caity Lotz talks ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2 script, dancing with John Barrowman

Thousands of fans gathered in Orlando for MegaCon 2017 and Arrow-verse star Caity Lotz talked at a panel first about Legends of Tomorrow, beginning with the season two script.

“Wow,this is so amazing but it will be so hard to fit that many people in the Waverider,” Lotz said. “The doubles were hard, but amazing with the stunt doubles because they would film the scene from the back of them and it was cool arguing or fighting with ourselves.”

Later she admitted that does some of her own stunts: “…I do a lot of my stunts, because I was actually a martial artist first and trained in Kali and Escrina, a Philippine martial art, but I do have an amazing stunt double. They do a lot of the stuff like jumping on the bikes that they wont let me do so I thank my amazing stunt double.”

Lotz addressed Sara’s evolution from martial arts expert to leader of the group and Lotz told the crowd that “it’s really cool to see the progression but I think that she was and always has been a leader. As the captain, she’s no longer self absorbed but focused on the mission.”

Even the former Arrow star couldn’t foresee the amazing love and turn out for the panel and crowd at MegaCon.

“I didn’t realize it was a big deal but generally people have been kind and supportive. I mean, I did Madmen and it’s a completely different world but returning to that show they were very supportive of my role as Sara.”

She confessed to reading comics to prepare for the role as Sara Lance, but says “Sara is her own character and although she isn’t in the comics, I enjoyed them. I had to really develop the emotions and focus on that. Although she’s very tough she is also vulnerable.”

The “Legends of Tomorrow” team will see a shake-up

One funny story was with John Barrowman on the set of Legends.

“I remember we were filming a scene in Legends when we were fighting over the Spear of Destiny and he started dancing with me. Although I usually like to dance alone, it started with me screaming at him to stop because I’m an assassin but it ended with us wanting to video it.”

Asked about meeting historical figures, she said “either Ghandi or Cleopatra” and talked about the schedule affecting her workout regime: “There are moments where I won’t do it at all and then I do it but I hope that when I go back to Vancouver I will focus on my training again and find someone who is good at something and work with them.”

During the popular crossover with The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends, the schedule became difficult: “It’s hard but fun because you are filming several different TV shows at one time. I loved going to new sets and working with new characters.”

Author: Kevin Reed

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