Published On: Fri, Sep 27th, 2019

Maximize Gains and Recover Faster With the Best Whey Protein Supplements

A good supplementation program is something that every elite athlete today relies on for best performance and results. The most popular and vital supplement is a good whey protein drink. For active individuals, a high protein intake is a must. These supplements are designed to do just that by giving you a great source of high quality proteins. 

How is Whey Protein Useful? 

Whey protein is a type of milk protein that is derived from the cheese making process. Based on the level of filtration, you have different types of whey protein supplements such as raw whey, whey concentrates and isolates, whey hydrolysate and whey peptides. These whey protein powder supplements have several benefits as mentioned below: 

  • They aid in recovery: The primary function of protein in the body is to aid tissue repair and regeneration. When you engage in strenuous physical activity, muscles undergo wear and tear that can be repaired with a reliable source of protein such as whey protein. Choosing fast acting proteins or protein blends help in your recovery process immensely. 
  • They help build new muscle fiber: When the muscles recover faster, the formation of new muscle fibers is also improved. This gives you a good volume and also helps you bulk up faster. 
  • They prevent muscle loss: A sustained supply of protein prevents muscle breakdown and the usage of stored proteins in the muscles. This helps reduce catabolic muscle loss which can hamper results. 
  • They help you achieve a lean physique: Most whey protein supplements are formulated with low sugar, fat and carb content to ensure that you do not consume any additional calories that can hamper results. That way you are able to achieve a lean and ripped physique. 
  • Overall health benefits: These supplements are also fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that give you added health benefits such as better immunity and also better absorption of different nutrients. 
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Whey protein powder

What to Look for in Whey Protein Supplements? 

Here are some features that you should look for in your whey protein supplements to ensure that they are safe and effective: 

  • Ultrafiltered and microfiltered whey protein provides maximum absorption to give you faster results. 
  • For better recovery, choose whey protein supplements that have an added dose of BCAAs and amino acids. 
  • Supplements that contain digestive enzymes are ideal because they help prevent any bloating or gas which is common when you increase protein intake. 
  • They should be completely free from banned substances. 
  • Look for quality assurance certifications such as GMP an FSSAI as they give you the best quality and are also safe to consume. 

Where to Buy 

HealthKart is the perfect option to choose from the widest range of some of the best whey protein brands such as Muscleblaze, Optimum Nutrition & more in the market. These products are obtained from the manufacturer directly, guaranteeing authenticity and quality. You also have exclusive discounts and can earn HK points with each purchase to get maximum value for the money that you invest.

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