Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd, 2020

Masked Bandanas: What are the Facts?

Wearing a masked headscarf on the ski slopes is all the rage these days. So, maybe you’re wondering why everyone has a mask bandana, and what purpose they serve? I can tell you a little about what are known as seamless bandanas because I am not only a skier but a military veteran with years of experience serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ski slopes and far away deserts have two very different climates, but that’s where you will see plenty of these masked bandanas. Today I want to go into some detail about why these seamless maksed bandanas are so prevalent in extreme climates and some of their other features you may have been wondering about in my article titled Masked bananas: what are the facts?

mask bandana

photo/ Sebastiaan stam via Unslash

During my time in the United States military I started to notice all of the higher ranking special operations unit members had the same kind of skull mask they called balaclavas. Finally, one day I asked my superior officer what the deal was with them. I was told they were perfect for desert warfare because they kept sand and dust out of your mouth, and at the same time are used for warmth during the cold desert nights. As you can imagine, keeping dust away from your mouth and nose over there is a big deal. So, I got one of these seamless head scarfs and it worked just as advertised, keeping me warm and dust-free while on patrol. It worked like a charm, and I wore it constantly.

You can imagine my surprise when after my discharge I went skiing and saw nearly every skier and snowboarder had the exact same seamless headscarves we wore in the hot desert. Here they were being used in cold wintery weather as well. But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Why not use these seamless head scarves to cover your face rather than a traditional scarf. In fact, these high quality seamless head scarves had a secret weapon against cold moist air like you will find up on a ski mountain. The seamless headscarves use some kind of modern material to wick away sweat and moisture condensation keeping your face dry while you ski or snowboard. It really is quite amazing how well these seamless head scarves work in cold snowy weather. They may work better on the ski slope than they do in the hot desert.

There are some other cool features about these seamless skull masks I want you to know about as well. For one thing they can be worn around fifteen to twenty different ways. De[ending on how you twist and fold it it can be a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava face mask, face scarf, seamless mask, beanie, bandana, mouth mask, and even a pirate rag. Probably the most common way I wear it is as a face scarf. There are two or three ways to get the mask over your mouth but my favorite is to just slip one end over my head and bring it all the way down until it is tucked into the top of my t-shirt, and the other end is just over my nose.

The bottom line is that these seamless skull bandanas are just the better choice over a traditional scarf or a traditional bandana. These are the modern version of those useful sartorial choices. You get all the benefits of a scarf and a bandana in one package, and on top of that the modern stretchy material will wick away moisture allowing you to keep it over your nose and mouth for long stretches of time. You can find these awesome seamless skull head scarves online or at your local ski or military hardware outlet. You wont regret picking one up, take my word for it. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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