Published On: Mon, Jun 9th, 2014

Maryland teacher texts student, visits home and won’t leave so father hits him with baseball bat

photo Sporting News public domain

photo Sporting News public domain

A father in Maryland is making headlines after hitting a teacher who was texting his daughter and then showed up at her house.

The girl, 15, was receiving message “inappropriate for a teacher and a student,” says her mother. After an investigation, the Perry Hall teacher was never charged with a crime, but the situation worsened when he visited their home uninvited and wouldn’t leave when the father asked him to do.

“There’s nothing we’ve seen in the contents that’s criminal,” Baltimore County police spokeswoman Elise Armacost said of the text messages.

Authorities say the father attacked the teacher with a baseball bat. The teacher sustained only minor injuries and will not press charges.

Since no one is being charged, none of the individuals are having their names released.

The father could file trespassing charges against the teacher, who has been barred from returning to the home. The teacher could file assault charges against the father, police said.

The public appears divided as some saying a teacher shouldn’t be texting a student, that “there is No reason a 42 yr. old, male or female, should be texting a 15 yr. old” or just saying there isn’t enough evidence to warrant an opinion either way:

Interesting so many are happy a man pulls out a bat and starts beating a teacher in some kind of noble quest to protect his daughter–when, in fact, we don’t know the facts. We don’t know the content of the texts. We don’t know anything about the teacher. We don’t know anything about the Dad. We don’t know anything about daughter. We don’t know anything about Dad’s use of baseball bats. We don’t know teacher’s habits with kids. We don’t know if teacher was intervening in a tragic situation or creating a situation. 
But we are happy to jump and cheer that he pulled out a bat and started swinging–often saying we’d have pulled out a gun and blown him away. 


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