Published On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019

Marketing Automation: What Does It Mean For Your Marketing Staff?

The marketing environment today is filled with channels and opportunities in diverse and varied formats. Especially if you are part of a marketing team for a small or medium-sized business, you may not have the resources to keep your marketing efforts optimised across all these channels. In these cases, marketing automation tools are a great opportunity but represent a concerning trend for marketing staff who feel they will be made irrelevant.

These concerns are misplaced, however! Marketing automation offers many new avenues for your marketing team to explore and your team can be reassured that it will enhance their ability to work effectively rather than make them obsolete. As marketing automation companies offer increasingly useful tools to boost the profile of small and medium-sized businesses, they are work looking into for many reasons.

Let’s look at some specific ways in which marketing automation will benefit your marketing staff.

Collect And Use Better Data For Decision-Making

Automating your marketing processes will provide abundant forms of new data for your business to glean useful insights from. With ample free time made available from the use of marketing automation, your marketing team will be able to spend their hours sifting through this information to find the best possible leads and make the most effective strategic decisions.

Better data from your marketing team will also provide you with a better means of keeping them accountable for their work.

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Have Higher Revenues From Better Lead Generation

Marketing automation allows your marketing team to better track the behaviour of a prospective customer while they are viewing your site. Your team can use this information to identify how far into the purchasing process a lead might be and use an appropriate strategy to convert them into a paying customer.

Marketing automation makes the process of warming up leads much easier by opening greater opportunities for personalised content and marketing. Using data based on past web history, marketing automation tools have been shown to increase conversion rates substantially. Having your marketing team able to pass on these consistently high-quality leads to your sales team will have a dramatic impact on your revenues.

Free Up Your Team For More Creative And Thought-Intensive Work

One of the benefits of automating anything is freeing up the time of a worker to do more creative and thought-intensive processes. Automating the more mundane tasks of the marketing team will allow them to spend their time on more engaging and meaningful work. This could include using collected data to brainstorm potential new directions your company could take. It could also provide your team with the time they need to strategically plan how to outmanoeuvre the competition by learning even more about new marketing automation techniques.

If you highlight the opportunities for creativity that your team will enjoy with the help of marketing automation, then they are far more likely to embrace it rather than fear it.

Case Study: Explore Email Automation

Marketing technology, or martech for short, is rapidly creating many opportunities for businesses to reach a broader target audience. Email automation is one of these opportunities that your business cannot afford to miss out on due to its many benefits.

While a mass email campaign that sends a robotic message to thousands of people is what might originally come to mind, email automation is great because it can be highly personalised and targeted to market segments. Emails can also be automated and timed to appear when your leads are most likely to see and read them.

With some easy to use tools and programs, your marketing team can set up an email automation campaign relatively easily. Even those who avoid the use of technology in their marketing techniques will be drawn to this technique, as using it will free up valuable time for other tasks.

Email automation is only one part of the marketing automation equation, however. Integrating this technique with other solutions will give you a full spectrum means of improving your marketing processes.

Consult With Your Marketing Team Today

Getting past the initial doubts and concerns around marketing automation is critical for getting your team on board with the latest technological tools. Given their effectiveness and multitude of benefits, it is critical that you win over those who remain hesitant to taking contemporary trends on board.

Respect the knowledge and experience of your marketing team but find a way to incorporate marketing automation into their processes. Some will be hesitant to adopt new tools given the learning curve believed to be required to use them. If this is the case, offering training for your team is essential.

Remember that your competitors are likely starting to use many of the tools of marketing automation to their benefit. To avoid falling behind and enjoy the benefits outlined here for your own business, do not delay in taking these techniques on board.

Author: Caitlyn Bell

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