Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2018

Market America Unfranchise: Get Out There And Show The Plan

A formative part of being a Market America UnFranchise is recruiting. It’s the key of any franchise system, like McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King. With Market America, you’re your own boss, which means that you’re going to have to take the reigns on all aspects of your success. The way to recruit is to reach out to people, and show them the plan. As JR Ridinger says, “It may seem intimidating at first but showing the plan is an absolutely crucial hurdle that everyone must overcome.” Especially if you’re not used to being a business owner, showing the plan may seem like a big step. Success is just outside of your comfort zone, so it’s critical to address any fears associated with showing the plan. With some time and practice, you’ll be open, proud, and unafraid of telling your prospects about the terrific opportunity available to them.

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Dennis Franks holds various trainings and sessions throughout the year. One of his most influential is a motivational talk on getting out there and showing the plan. JR Ridinger summarizes the power of one of Franks’ talk, “Dennis challenged the UFO’s in attendance to be more proactive about their business growth by showing the plan more, and sending him updates about their progress.” As with all aspects of Market America, there is so much interconnectedness and involvement that even high level executives want to know the progress of those Market America UnFranchise owners just starting out. JR Ridinger says “He walks the walk and talks the talk – and is constantly working in the trenches to help our UnFranchise family build and grow. That’s what true leadership is all about!”

Xochitl “So-she” French attended one of Franks’ sessions and was so impacted that she wrote Franks a letter. According to the letter, Xochitl and her fellow Market America UnFranchise owner friend take very seriously Franks’ challenge to get out there and show the plan. They were terrified to do so at first but then they set up the meetings and just went for it. Xochitl says “I didn’t know what an adrenaline rush it would be to show the plan to someone, I felt my heart was going to beat out of my chest!” She says that now she engages in a friendly competition with her friend to see who will show the plan first. Being accountable to another person is a great way to push your personal comfort parameters.

The plan is simple. As a Market America UnFranchise owner, you get all of the tools handed to you. All you have to do it get out there and follow the directions. The plan is available online through PowerPoint, but you can also print it out if that works better for yourself and your prospects. You don’t just have to meet with people in your geographic area. In fact, you can invite people across the country or the world to view the webinar version of the plan! There are no limits to who you can reach and you can get involved with Market America.

One of the tools that you get handed is precise instructions on how you will show the plan, and how you’ll explain it. That takes all of the guesswork out for you. Listen to the audio or watch the video to get to know the material inside and out. Remember that being prepared is the best thing you can do! After all, you’re the business owner. Become the expert of what you’re talking about.  One of the Market America newsletters contains these words of wisdom from JR Ridinger, “Remember, we want everyone showing it one way – the UnFranchise® way – so we get perfect duplication, standardization and uniformity across Market America just like in franchising.”

When you’re showing the plan, you’re gaining a lot of skills and opportunities to grow your business. One of the biggest things you’re doing is actually practicing and getting better at presenting the plan. Next, the more people you show the plan to, the more your business has the ability to grow. Even if the people you’re presenting to aren’t initially interested in themselves becoming Market America UnFranchise owners, they can become customers. Paired down, the more presentations you give, the quicker your business can grow. You’ll get better and better at presenting, and will be able to sponsor more people. If you’re ever stuck and need an extra boost to help someone understand Market America, invite them an event and pay for them! One more good outcome of showing the plan is gaining some referrals from the people you’re showing the plan to. Ask them if they know anyone else who’d be interested in seeing the plan!

When you commit to being a Market America UnFranchise owner, you’re making a commitment to yourself. You know the feeling of being let down by other people. Don’t do that to yourself. Be proactive about your future and get out there. Take lessons away from each time you show the plan. You can only get better at what you’re doing since you’ll be practicing. Be patient and passionate. You can’t do everything at once, but you can make incremental progress towards your goals. Be passionate because your energy will show people that you really believe in what you’re doing.

If you have trouble with getting out there and showing the plan, form an action plan to overcome what is holding you back. Whether it’s social anxiety or inexperience, everyone’s been there at some point or another. Showing the plan isn’t easy for everyone, but everyone has the ability to show the plan. Identify why you’re reluctant to get yourself out there. Troubleshoot with your team members, a close friend, or another supportive person. Any Market America UnFranchise owner will greatly benefit from going to Market America events. You’ll have powerful information to take away from the experience. Not only that, but Market America events are a great way to get motivated. They offer positive and inspiring information that will push you to that next level.

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Author: Jacob Maslow

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