A husband and wife were found shot to death in a suspected murder-suicide in south Houston home Sunday morning. Police now identified the couple Monday morning, and verified that the husband’s wound apparently self-inflicted, Houston Police said.

Raul Cruz and Maribel Cruz, 43, were found dead around 7 a.m. at their home at 9523 Garden Bridge, according to HPD spokesman Kese Smith.

An autopsy will confirm Raul as the shooter, but a source tells The Global Dispatch that the firearm was recovered and his wound was obviously self-inflicted.

The bodies were discovered by the Maribel’s adult daugher Sunday when she woke to see Raul’s truck in the driveway. Both the girls, the other listed as a teen by police, noted they heard gunshots. When they checked their parents, they appeared to be in bed asleep and neither was suspicious of the foul play.

There was no information yet on a motive, police said.