Published On: Wed, Oct 30th, 2013

Maria Kislo’s suicide sparks attacks from atheists saying ‘religion kills’ offering ‘misguided hope’

A 12-year-old’s suicide, or her note to be specific, has riled atheist attacks, claiming ‘religion kills’ and is dangerous.

Maria Kislo lost her father in 2009, dead from a heart attack, kept her anguish to herself until now.

Christ oriental - Our Lady of Lebanon Melkite Church, Fortaleza Brazil via wikimedia commons

Christ oriental – Our Lady of Lebanon Melkite Church, Fortaleza Brazil via wikimedia commons

The short suicide letter read: “Dear Mum. Please don’t be sad. I just miss daddy so much, I want to see him again.”

Now the story has become the target of atheists claiming the dangers of religion, the belief in heaven and a God.

The Friendly Atheist wrote that the girl’s suicide is confirmation that “the idea of heaven can be both comforting and toxic  — make that deadly — at the same time.”

“If Maria’s head hadn’t been filled with nonsensical ideas about heaven, where it’s all about the posthumous family reunions, she’d probably be alive today.”

Continuing, Terry Firma wrote. “Her death is the somewhat prettier equivalent of the Islamic suicide bombers who think they’ll go on to great rewards in the hereafter.”

The blogger concluded that “religion kills.”

Michael Stone, penned a piece in the Examiner about the girl’s death in which he said faith can do “irreparable damage.”

“A great man once said ‘Religion poisons everything.’ The tragic and heartbreaking story of Maria Kislo only confirms such sentiment,” Stone wrote. “For one so young to throw their life away in some misguided hope for an afterlife is deeply disturbing, and a potent reminder of the irreparable damage caused by religious superstition.”

The Freethinker blog highlighted some recent thoughts published by Susan K. Perry, a psychologist who also believes that teaching children about heaven has some major pitfalls.

Perry believes that the book “Heaven for Kids” is problematic and poses dangers to children. She wrote in part:

What’s abusive about telling children about the wonders of their next life in heaven? Alcorn based this book on his bestselling book for adults, which I haven’t read, so I won’t label that one “adult-abuse.” But anytime a group extols the extraordinary rewards of death and what comes after, you’re skimming the edges of being a death cult. That’s how terrorists happen, if the timing and culture align a certain way.

I know. Strong words. But Alcorn  makes heaven sound very cool to kids, and tries to answer all possible questions a child might ask (rather pathetically, in my opinion). He answers questions I myself have wondered about, in the sense of wondering how Christians conceive of the afterlife they’re counting on.



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  1. bernard law says:

    Catholic priests are master manipulators of children. One Catholic pedo-priest named Fr James Donaghy admits he told 7 yr old boy to commit oral sex on him & his dead grandfather would go to heaven.

    No one knows what this girl’s pedo-priest said during the process that Catholic priests call “grooming”, where they make the child vulnerable so they can rape them without the child saying anything. This girl misunderstood, and hanged herself. Unfortunately, no one will know, because Catholics always protect and hide their pedophile priests.

    • Lexis says:

      “We haven’t found any farewell letter, ” said Michał Smętkowski, prosecutor from Leszno.” If the investigators did not find any letter, where exactly did it appear from, complete with the necessary anti-Catholic fodder, in English-speaking media? If ‘information’ about it and its content was somehow gleaned from the quoted statement, this would make media staff translators appear even worse than the worst machine translation. Or were some commenters this perfectly groomed by Goebbels, to use a family tragedy to promulgate misinformation and a clearly anti-Catholic agenda, as it was Goebbels who launched an anti-Catholic smear campaign in retaliation for Pope Pius XI’s Nazi-condemning encyclical, ‘Mit brennender Sorge.” Somehow there was no public outrage when in 1977 all the ‘intellectuals’ du jour voiced their support of men (not priests)charged with sexual crimes against 13- and 14-year old children (among the supporters: de Beauvoir and Sartre, Aragon, Kouchner, etc.). Where was the outrage in 1982, when Daniel Cohn-Bendit said on a French talk show, “When a little girl of five or five and a half years old starts to undress you, that’s fantastic. It’s fantastic because it’s a game, an absolutely erotic-manic game.” Or when the Dutch “pedopartij” with its motto, “sapere aude” (sic!) wanted to eliminate the age of consent (first lowering it to 12) and legalize child pornography. Finally, where was it after Corey Feldman started speaking out about the wide-spread pedophilia in show business, after Corey Haim died at 38 – both he and Feldman having been victims. Haim didn’t even get a mention during Oscars, as is customary for actors who would pass on in a given year, and The Academy didn’t say why. There were a few arrests of some quite prominent people and testimony of other one time child-actors, but hardly accompanied by public uproar. When these victims speak out, they don’t get media compassion and high court settlements, but get dismissed,if not attacked in the very same media so ‘concerned’ about the Church, while even Newsweek admitted that it was only the Catholic Church that had actually released detailed data. According to studies, only 4% of all active priests between 1950 and 2002 were even ACCUSED of abuse. The rate for the general public is said to have been between 5-10%. Most of the cases occurred in the aftermaths of the Sexual Revolution and the Church was sending the accused to psychological treatment, as advised by mental health professionals – the practice then standard, and also applied by law enforcement in lieu of imprisonment. Yet no one is blaming mental health professionals for giving them bad advice.

  2. Atheists Exploit Maria Kislo for Their Anti-Religious Crusade | Christian Mission Blog says:

    […] unbridled and overwhelming lasciviousness that quickly exploded into an atheist necro-orgy, Godless militants rejoiced in the tragic October 25, 2013 news of the suicide of Maria Kislo, a 12 […]

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