Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

Marco Rubio lies about Gang of Eight immigration reform, Jeff Sessions corrects facts

Marco Rubio insisted the immigration reform bill he helped spearhead through the Senate was never intended to become law and that the authors of the bill expected conservatives in the House to make it “even better.”

“The Senate immigration law was not headed towards becoming law,” he told a questioner at a town hall in Rock Hill, S.C. “Ideally it was headed towards the House, where conservative members of the House were going to make it even better.”

Rubio added that the legislation he helped draft as part of a bipartisan team known as the “Gang of 8″ was “the best we could do given the fact of who was running the Senate at the time,” noting Democrats were in control, “but it was never going to go from there to the president’s desk.”

photo donkey hotey

photo donkey hotey

Rubio has been attacked regularly over the bill, compromising with Democrats and basically offering amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions refuted this new stance by Rubio, claiming the Florida Senator is trying to change history.

“It was scary to me,” Sessions said of the bill’s prospects to becoming law. “It was a near-run thing.”

“What happened was that the Gang of Eight met and did this bill, they sent it to the House, I don’t think there was going to be much change on it frankly. I think it was on the verge of being passed. It was scary to me. I was really worried.”

Sessions explained that the special interests behind the Gang of Eight “had spent a billion dollars over a number of years– this group did– to pass this bill. It was designed, they had a campaign– like a presidential campaign to move it to passage. People went on TV– went in our living rooms– telling us Republicans that we needed to vote for this thing and pass it. It was a big money deal.”

“I think we have a good piece of legislation they should take a look at. There are a lot of good ideas that they should adopt,” Rubio said at the time, according to Reuters.

After it became clear later in 2013 that the House had no intention of taking up the legislation, Rubio began his walk away from a comprehensive approach.

photo Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

photo Fibonacci Blue via Flickr


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  1. GOPUSA – With Bush out, big-money donors flock to establishment candidate Rubio says:

    […] Marco Rubio Lies About Gang Of Eight Immigration Reform, Jeff Sessions Corrects Facts […]

  2. Don Honda says:


    “By any measure, fears of (Illegal) immigration are driving many white Americans to the Republican Party. And, indeed, the Republican strategy on immigration appears to have been successful. Republicans now control the House and the Senate, the governor’s office in 31 states, and two-thirds of the state legislatures. They are winning the political war.”

    “An even bigger factor is that the ties of racial and ethnic minorities to the Democratic Party are tenuous. Research by Taeku Lee and myself shows that most Latinos and Asian Americans don’t feel like they fit into either party. In national surveys, those who refuse to answer a question about party identification, those who claim that they do not think in partisan terms, and independents make up the clear majority of both groups. All told, 56 percent of Latinos and 57 percent of Asian-American identify as nonpartisans.

    Even among blacks, there are signs of ambivalence. Almost 30 percent of blacks feel
    that the Democratic Party does not work hard for black interests.”


    “Most Hispanics aren’t single-issue voters when it comes to immigration. A recent Gallup poll found that among registered Latino voters, 67 percent are at least willing to support a candidate who doesn’t share their views on immigration. And 18 percent don’t consider the issue important at all.

    What’s more, many Hispanic citizens have little sympathy for immigrants who haven’t played by the rules. Especially among Latino voters born in the United States, resentment of immigrants who have entered the country illegally can run deep. Forty-two percent of American-born Hispanics disapprove of President Obama’s executive actions to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants.”

    Reuben Navarette: No Joke: Trump Can Win Plenty of Latinos

    Gee, No wonder why I fall into the Proud Independent group.

  3. Marco Rubio lies about Gang of Eight immigration reform, Jeff Sessions corrects facts – The Global Dispatch | wwlee4411 says:

    […] http://www.theglobaldispatch.com/marco-rubio-lies-about-gang-of-eight-immigration-reform-jeff-sessio… […]

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