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Malik Zulu Shabazz Quotes

June, 2015

“Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill all the slave masters in the state. Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill every last one of them and kill all of their goddamn families…(Minutes later as part of introducing a speaker who suggested to the audience that they arm themselves) “We got to complete what Denmark didn’t finish. Denmark didn’t finish his mission.”

“I said that but y’all took it out of context. I went over Denmark Vesey’s whole life history, I went over what kind of man he was, what kind of character he had. I went over…I did go over the revolt and what he was planning. First of all, I never said to anybody to kill anybody. Now, y’all know that that’s not right, to say that Shabazz said to kill anybody, that’s not right, I never said that. I gave honor to his history.”

“It was not a specific call to kill anyone…I did not mean we need to go and kill what doesn’t even exist. I meant carry on his general work as an emancipator.”

Full video below


Shabazz on Trayon Martin case – Full story here

“We wanted, and want, and demand that Zimmerman be brought to justice and brought to trial immediately, and if that had been done we wouldn‘t even be discussing the ’reward’ topic.”

“This Saturday in Sanford, Florida the New Black Panther Party will be conducting county-wide and state-wide defense training and community patrols to protect against racial violence and attacks, and people like Zimmerman…” he said.

“[Then] On Monday, April 9 we have teamed up with over 300 organizations in a national and international coalition and are calling for a national strike…and a day of absence, where there is no work, no school, and no shopping in the cause of justice for Trayvon and the immediate arrest of Zimmerman and charging him with the appropriate charges.”

“We’re talking now here about community patrols, laying a structure for defense [training] in the communities where men and women will know how to deal with this violence and police misconduct…and we’re talking about a national strike and using the power of our labor and our dollars to affect justice.”

[Obama] represents the CIA set-up sabotage lie on an African leader and bomb [sic] that man like he’s George Bush … And his wife should leave the n***er tonight. She should walk out, and his beautiful daughters should walk out on this bamboozling, buck-dancing Tom. Oh yeah, I said it. We’ve held back on this Negro for a long time … You should have listened to Louis Farrakhan a long time ago when you were at his table. – March 28, 2011

This is the chorus of “Damn Rebels,” repeated seven times in the song – sang by Shabazz
“I’m a warrior trained by Khalid Muhammad/I’m a terrorist trained by Usama bin Laden/Demolitionist, breaking down the walls of the rotten/Never hit and missSo, first time, take out your target”

A black man really — or a black leader — cannot be a racist. You cannot take the slave who takes the whip from the slave master and begins beating the slave master — you cannot call the slave a reverse racist. White people have not experienced racism, Jim Crow, and terrorism the way my people have. I have the right to use different language. – November 2008 (see below)

I’m trying to help Oscar Grant, who was shot down in cold blood by a white cop and I am trying to redeem, I am trying to redeem – put that camera back right over here, I am trying to redeem — and black people who have been lynched, raped or mobbed and have not been given reparations. – July 11, 2010 “Geraldo at Large” interview on FOX News (video below, around 12:10)

With the rise of the Tea Party, the white-right and other racist forces. With gun sales nationwide at an all time high amongst whites, with a mood that is more anti-Black than any time recent, it is imperative that we organize our forces, pool our resources and prepare for war!

April 15, 2007 Michelle Malkin was filling in for Bill O’Reilly. This was about the time of Don Imus scandalous comments about the Rutger’s Womens Basketball Team

MALKIN: And, last May, one of your members said to Reade Seligmann, one of the Duke lacrosse players — quote — that he was a “dead man walking.”

You’re not going to apologize for that?

SHABAZZ: First of all, I can’t confirm that’s true.

Will you apologize for being a political prostitute for Bill O’Reilly, a white male chauvinist racist, as a woman of color?

MALKIN: You’re calling — you want to call me a whore on national TV?

SHABAZZ: A political — yes, a political…

MALKIN: There’s only one whore on this split-screen, and it’s you, Mr. Shabazz.

SHABAZZ: As a woman of color, you should be ashamed for being a mouthpiece…

MALKIN: You should be ashamed of yourself…

SHABAZZ: … for a male chauvinist racist Bill O’Reilly.

MALKIN: … for profiting off of your racial poison.

SHABAZZ: You should be ashamed of yourself for defending and being a spokesman for Bill O’Reilly…

I am a criminal defense attorney. Many clients that I have had, the cases have been dropped against them. But I can’t say that nothing went wrong. What I hear is political pressure, that a powerful white university, with powerful rich white defendants against a poor black woman, the case has been thrown out. – regarding Duke Lacrosse case April 15, 2007 interview with Michelle Malkin, filling in for Bill O’Reilly

“Who is it that caught and killed Nat Turner?”“The Jews!”“Who is it that controls the Federal Reserve?”“The Jews!”“Who is it that has our entertainers… and our athletes in a vise grip?”“The Jews!” – introduction for black supremist Khalid Abdul Muhammad at Howard University, 1994

“death to Israel,” “the white man is the devil,” and “Jihad.” Shabazz also said, “Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!” – chants during a protest in front of the B’nai B’rith building in Washington, D.C. April 20, 2002

We will not allow some cracker named Bill Clinton to set the stage and the pace to drive black people out of Harlem. – Outside of former President Bill Clinton’s Harlem office on April 13, 2001

We want to bring on the former national spokesman for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan… We want to bring on a man who gives the white man nightmares. We want to bring on a man who makes the Jews pee in their pants at night… My big brother, Dr. Khallid Muhammad! – introducing Khalid Abdul Muhammad

The Caucasians and the Government are arrogant, telling us how to suffer. America should be glad that every black man is not on a killing spree for all the suffering they have done. – As the organizer of the “Black Holocaust Nationhood Conference” in Washington, DC October 14-15, 1995

Below is the biography from the NBPP site (the bold is THEIR emphasis, not MINE – BBJ)

Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. is a national figure and key representative of the new leadership that has emerged from the Black Liberation and Islamic movements. Shabazz has guided the New Black Panther Party since 2001 and Black Lawyers for Justice since 1996.  What makes Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz unique and effective today is the depth of his knowledge, professional organizing skills, potent legal advocacy, and dynamic speaking skills.  Malik Zulu Shabazz continues to draw comparisons between himself and his revolutionary prototype- Minister Malcolm X.  Malcom X (Al Hajj Malik Shabazz) wanted to be a lawyer as a child but was cut short by racist forces.

Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz is freedom fighter, activist, attorney operating on the world stage today.  The New Black Panther Party has 27 Chapters operating across the United States, United Kingdom, Caribbean and Africa.  Shabazz has been involved in a plethora of major political and legal causes and struggles that pertain to Black peoples in America, African peoples worldwide, and the causes of the Muslim world.  Shabazz can be seen and heard periodically on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN and OTHER major national and international media outlets. He is a credible articulator and debater on major political and legal newsworthy matters.

Malik Zulu Shabazz graduated from Howard University and Howard University School of Law.  While in Law School he founded and led the Progressive Student Movement/Unity Nation, a Black Nationalist student organization closely affiliated with the Nation of Islam leadership.  While at Howard University, Shabazz came under the influence of Minister Louis Farrakhan and Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.  During these period seminal scholars such as Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon, Professor Ron Walters, Dr. Ashra Quesi, Dr. Tony Martin, and other African- Centered scholars of the movement would also touch and influence Shabazz.

Minister Louis Farrakhan and Dr. Khallid Muhammad had a heavy influence on the young Shabazz while an undergraduate and law student.  As an activist, Malik Zulu Shabazz organized students and stirred up the campus of Howard University as never before- making the campus a beacon light of Black Consciousness and student revolution. He was called “one of the greatest student leaders of all time,” by Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

Upon graduation from law school in 1995, Shabazz immediately passed his bar exam and founded Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ), a legal-political advocacy organization where conscious attorneys can pool their talents and resources to advocate in and out of the courtroom in order to counter the many attacks on the human and civil rights of our peoples.  Black Lawyers For Justice believes that because Black professionals and lawyers hold unique places of respect in the community, they must exert strong and effective leadership within the profession and in the political and social order. Attorney Shabazz practices in the area of civil litigation with a focus on wrongful death, personal injury and victims rights and also handles criminal matters and entertainment law. Shabazz has also been a part of some key international legal causes.

Some of Malik Zulu Shabazz’ organizing/legal highlights include:

  • Organizing for the 1995 Million Man March and the pre Million Man March Black Holocaust Conference
  • Served as National Youth Director over the controversial 1998 Million Youth March in New York
  • Co Counsel for the Million Youth March vs. the City of New York, who sued, and won,  in Federal Court over Constitutional battles relating to the Million Youth Marchers legal right to march in 1998 and 1999
  • Voted ‘Young Lawyer of the Year’ in 1998 by the National Bar Association, America’s largest Black legal organization
  • Won several high profile settlements for D.C. School Children victimized on D.C. Jail tours
  • Won high-profile settlements for victims of consumer racism.
  • Has organized countless boycotts, efforts and actions to achieve justice for victims of wrongful conduct
  • Became Leader of the New Black Panther Party in 2001 after serving as National Spokesman and National Minister of Justice, succeeding the Hon. Minister Khallid Muhammad- his revolutionary mentor and ally for 13 years.
  • Organized the infamous “War on Terrorism” Islamic Conference in Washington D.C. on 10/31/2001 which shook the nation and the government after the events of September 11, 2001
  • Spearheaded an emergency search and rescue team that rescued hundreds of trapped New Orleans’ victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Served as National Co-Convener and National Executive Committee Member of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan’s 2005 Millions More Movement

In 2008, Shabazzinitiated the Black Power Movement, a broad based movement for Black People who believe in Black Power.

As guide and leader of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. has spread the size, influence and respect of the NBPP since being appointed as National Chairman in 2001. Throughout the nation and the world the New Black Panther Party is rapidly gaining respect. Shabazz is a principle helper in the cause of the rise of Black people and a solid ally in the world wide complete constructive change (revolution) that is taking place across the globe.  The New Black Party is filled with young, new leaders and is very active in the community.  Liberation schools, free food programs, anti-violence efforts, self-defense training, police accountability, mass rallies, advocacy for the homeless, advocacy for political prisoners, Black male mentoring, political education, fighting racism, and bringing in a new political, economic, and spiritual world order are all on the New Black Panther Party national agenda. Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz as the revolutionary and visionary leader of the New Black Panther Party has defied critics and is making the New Black Panther Party a great witness to the validity of the works of the Original Black Panther Party for Self Defense, which was founded October 15, 1966 in Oakland California.

Dr. Malik Shabazz regularly speaks on college campuses throughout America, as well as addressed audiences in Churches, Mosques, and other Community and Academic venues.  Shabazz possesses a grip on a wide range of subjects including Law, Islam, Politics, Black History in America, African/ World History, International Affairs, Real Estate and Land investments, Black Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, Community Organizing and Religion in general.


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