Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2011

Malcolm McDowell discusses ‘Pound of Flesh’ and the anniversary of ‘A Clockwork Orange’

While promoting a new film premiering on Showtime on October 8th, 2011 called “Pound of Flesh” Malcolm McDowell talked with Media Mikes‘ Mike Gencarelli.

During the interview the star of “A Clockwork Orange” detailed how he became involved with the film “Pound of Flesh”: “I was drawn to it because it was written and directed by a friend of mine. The part was sort of written for me and it’s a very fascinating subject. I thought it would be really fun to do.  It was shot on a rather modest budget and very fast, as I think I only worked two weeks on the entire film. It was a very nice charismatic role for me to do. I play a family man that is extremely naive in what he is doing. The film is actually based on a true story. As an actor I don’t set myself up on moral judgment of my characters. If I did I would never work as I have played some pretty nasty people. This man I think was undone by his innate naivety. It’s sad that the teaching profession lost a good man. I wanted to make him the kind of teacher you would never forget. We all have had one or two of those in our lives. I really wanted to make him one of those. The fact that he was teaching English literature and practicing Shakespeare also made the role really fun to do.”

McDowell talked openly about the “most challenging aspect of working on the film.”

I enjoyed the whole process. Everyone was very nice and I enjoyed working with them. I think the film is very well worth the while. Sadly it’s the type of film I don’t think a studio would touch with a barge pole. You have to make adult films for and older crowd that makes them go “Wow!” I have been very lucky in my career to find a few of those and this is one of those films. I like sort of nailing hypocrisy of our standards which is what I think this film does.”

Media Mikes switched gears to talk about the 40th anniversary of “A Clockwork Orange” and the cult status of the film.

“I am delighted of course! If you are lucky you only ever get one of these types of films. It’s an amazing movie and it’s a testament to Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Burgess and I. Anthony’s novel was brilliant…Kubrick is a brilliant visionary and I managed to nail it! The film still looks good. I don’t think it’s really dated much however that’s not really for me to say.”

Read the entire interview here

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