Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Making Your Home a Better Place To Live

Of all the things that you can choose to do today, why not make your home a better place to live? There are a ton of things that you can do to make this happen, ranging from very easy and free all the way to extremely difficult and expensive. However, the point is almost more to have a journey in mind rather than to actually accomplish the endpoint. That’s why starting with the single step of creating an idea in your head is a great start!

A few ideas specifically that will help you make your home a better place to live include taking care of landscaping, minimizing as much as possible, staying on a cleaning schedule after you create it, and establishing a space free from digital interruption.

photo/ Prima Porcelain

Take Care of Landscaping

How does your house look from the outside? If there are things that look sloppy, then why not take care of landscaping before it becomes a problem? When you enter and leave your home, it should feel like a pleasant experience, and having great landscaping will put you in the right mindset. Opposing that, if you have a cluttered or unkempt environment outside of your home, that can immediately put you in a bad mood.

There’s nothing worse than looking at a brown lawn as you walk up to your front door, but you can get watering timers here that can help keep your lawn greener by keeping you on a watering schedule.


One of the easiest ways, and the least expensive ways, to make your home a better place to live is by minimizing. Getting rid of clutter in your house doesn’t take a lot of time or energy, but it does take focus, and it does take a certain mindset. If you don’t love something, now is the time to get rid of it. The longer you put that off, the more claustrophobic you are going to feel in your own home.

Stay On a Cleaning Schedule

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating a cleaning schedule for your house. A clean house is a happy house. But, not having to spend hours a day doing that cleaning is also important. That’s why, as much as possible, it’s smart to have a cleaning system in place, and then to follow it every day. There are dozens of awesome ones on the Internet, so it’s just up to you to follow them in order to make sure that you stick with the program you have settled on.

Create a Space Free of Digital Interruption

For all the awesome things that technology has brought into our lives, the constant interruptions of digital information can be a real drag. That’s why one essential way to make your home a better place to live is to create a space free of these interruptions. It can either be a room, or it can be a specific time of day. The point is, you want to have some time that is just to yourself where you don’t have to worry about things constantly distracting your train of thought.

Author: Anna Johansson

photo courtesy Charlotte Real Estate

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