Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2016

Making Money When Doing a Job Search – Possible!

How much time have you already spent for your job search? According to the current polls, more than 23 millions of Americans have either no job at all or are temporarily underemployed. Considering people, who are being unemployed, a great number of them have been out of their job for more than 6 months.
Obviously, the unemployment period can be seriously harmful for the budget, which makes people search for different ways to save money and tight their expenses as much as possible. Now, let’s look at the most workable money-saving tips to follow during your job search period.

photo 401(K) 2012 via Flickr

photo 401(K) 2012 via Flickr

Take an Underemployed Job

Who knows how much time would be necessary for finding a full-time employment, but fact remains: job search tends to be very time-consuming. Just imagine how long you’re just going to mess up with a resume: creating, sending it out to numerous employers, not to mention you have to prepare references and write cover letters, as well. It’s not a problem when you have great writing skills. Though, it is not the reason to stop, as you can apply to military resume writing service of Resume Writing Lab or other types of services to get support. You have to pay for such kind of help, but it is a good investment. At this point, applying for a part-time job makes a lot of sense, since you never know when you start the actual job.

Try to Make a Job Search On Your Own

It’s a not a surprise that hiring a head hunter, career coach or appealing to any other assistance might be very beneficial, if it seems too difficult to handle the proper job search on your own. Most of those services are just too overpriced, so unless you’re switching job industry and need some good strategies to face the new job specialization “fully-equipped’, then take initiative under your hands and do the job search on your own. Although, don’t hesitate turning to a certified writing company, if your resume seems to be very poor and outdated. Frankly speaking, it even makes sense to save up for a good resume writer, rather than wasting a bunch on a job or career coach. All the same, the good application will be paid off later!

Lower Costs

It’s might be tough living on a tight budget, even if it’s just temporarily. However, slashing your expensed would be necessary until your full-time job would bring some income. Make the list of monthly expenses and divide those into two columns: the first would be regular bills, bank credits and other costly services; the second – expenses in the grocery stores, cloth and household shopping until it gets to purchasing burgers at fast-food. P.S. Save receipts for each purchase.
Then look at the list and figure out which costs can be eliminated or partly cut. Those could be your cell phone plans, dinners out in restaurants, purchases of fancy clothes or makeup etc. Use every singly opportunity to reduce costs. Oh, and don’t forget about coupons, they’re great for money savers.

Make Money Out Of Nothing

“How is this even possible?” you would ask. Well, you’ll still need to contribute something to generate income anyway, although things that you can make of are probably so forgotten and useless that losing them would cost you pretty much nothing. What was the last time you’ve actually had a garage sale? It’s perfect for several reasons: first, you’ll be able to receive some cash for unwanted valuables and second, you will finally clear the house from those old “dust collectors”.
Though if you don’t have a detached house with a garage, Amazon or Ebay can be another good alternative.

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