Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

Make your home eco-friendly with these non-toxic cleaning products

Regardless of whether it is home improvement that you are looking forward to or just cleaning up your home to get rid of the mess that has accumulated over a period, there are several products especially for cleaning that are used for this purpose.

Earlier, most of the cleaning agents used to contain harmful chemicals that caused a bad smell in the house or room after cleaning or it was considered unsafe for kids and children staying in the premises.

photo Stefan Krause, Germany

However, thanks to newer research that has introduced many such cleaning agents and products that are now regarded as safe and non-toxic.

In this write up, let us find out how you can improve your home and clean it to get a toxin-free environment so that the cleaning process is also safe for your pets if you have any.


  • Paints -Non-toxic


It is a well-known fact that VOCs or volatile organic compounds are used in majority of the paints. Formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, methylene, and chloride are few of the materials that are found in the paints that you use in your home. And these are very toxic in nature. But these days, paints that are devoid of these harmful chemicals are available in the market. These are either low in VOC content or have no VOC at all.

You can do a bit of homework and find out which brands with zero VOC are available in the market and once you have compared the price and the properties of these paints, you can decide which one will suit your home.


  • Bleaching agents – What are the alternative options


Most of the homeowners prefer to avoid bleaching agents completely. However, at times these very agents prove to be the best option as far as removing stains are concerned, regardless of whether they are in the bath tub or sink or wash basin.

Bleaching products have a very strong smell that is suffocating, unpleasant, and oftentimes causes problems especially if an individual is allergic to such reactions. However, instead of using them, you can turn to non-toxic products that can be either made at home or you can buy it from any departmental store as an alternative to these bleaching products.

Opting for chlorine-free products will be your best bet. And if you want to rely on your own bleaching agent, try out a combination of vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and citric acid.


  • Furniture polish


Polishes that are used for cleaning furniture contain chemicals that are harsh and could adversely affect human health and that of the pets that reside in your place. Most importantly, research has proved that exposure to such chemicals over prolonged period can cause illness due to the presence of materials like formaldehyde.

As such, your best bet would be to use furniture polish that is oil based. Jojoba and coconut oil have been found to have polishing and shining effect on the furniture surface and they also don’t give out harmful vapours when used.

Regardless of whether you are planning to buy research chemicals or chemicals for any other purpose like cleaning and polishing, it is always better to buy them from reliable sources so that you don’t compromise on the safety of your loved and near ones.


  • Polish to remove wood stains


The approach taken above should also be applied for removing stains from wooden surfaces. Opt for an eco-friendly wood stain remover that will be safe to use. There are natural options that you can opt for this purpose like whey protein that is recycled or soybean.

If you believe in an eco-friendly environment, it is good not only for your home but also for the well-being of your family members residing in the house.

Author: Jimmy Simond

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