Published On: Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

Make the Right Choice for Your Startup Software Development Company

Creating custom software is no easy task. Because of this, you want to work with a company that knows what they are doing and one that will stand behind their work. Outsourcing your software development is a way you can save some money as long as the company you choose is qualified. Learning more about how to evaluate software development companies will help you to make the best decision.

Look for Companies With Extensive Experience

You want their experience to be twofold: It should be with developing software and working with startups. The company Redwerk is a good example and an ideal choice when it comes to an experienced software development company for startups. They have worked with numerous startups to aid them in creating effective software platforms and solutions. When you are evaluating a company’s experience, you want to explore the following:

  •          Look to see what they are known for in terms of services offered
  •          Take the time to research the company culture and mission statement
  •          Learn more about the company’s strategic direction
  •          Find information about how the company trains their employees and their policy on continuing education
  •          Seek out information on employee satisfaction and policies concerning employee growth and opportunity

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All of this will give you a more complete picture of the companies that you are considering. Looking at the first point, for example, the company Redwerk is known for developing software specific to startup companies. This means that they are a company you want to learn more about because they will likely meet all of your experience needs.

One other aspect of experience you want to look into is if the company offers potential clients a portfolio. A portfolio allows you to see what they have created and developed in the past. This will make it easier to see if the software that they have experience with matches the software that you need. A company with experience in your software needs will most likely be able to create your software seamlessly and more efficiently.

Explore the Company’s Business Policy

Does the company offer a guarantee on their software development services? What is their overall policy for the development process? Are their policies and practices transparent and available for you to easily find? These are all questions you want to get detailed and honest answers to because it gives you major insight into what you can expect should you hire the specific company.

Another aspect of business policy is looking at the company’s costs. Are the costs transparent? Do reviews on the company state that all quoted prices were accurate and adhered to? You surely have a budget and you want to work with a company that can create what you need within your budget.

How Efficiently Do They Work on Projects?

Does the company you are considering have a track record of efficiency? Do the reviews state that they stick to their estimated timelines and deadlines? Do they offer a method for tracking their work? This last one is especially important because it makes it possible for you to see the status of your software. You will be able to see what they have done and easily access information on the process and agreement, such as developer’s notes, invoices, contracts and payments. This also makes it possible for you to help with the process and be involved.

Can the Company Easily Communicate With You?

You know that communication is key. You want to know exactly what is happening and if any problems arise throughout the process. Another key element of communication is language. Most outsourcing companies provide translation services so that they can effectively communicate with clients from all over the world. This is important and a service that you want to look into. Look at reviews concerning the company’s overall communication abilities and make sure that they mesh with your needs.

Now you have more information about choosing the right company to develop the software for your startup. Make sure to take a little time to research the companies that interest you so that you can fully evaluate them. Your software is a major component of your business, so you need to make sure that the company creating it takes it as seriously as you do.

Author: Lolita Di

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