Published On: Thu, Sep 16th, 2010

Luther ‘Luke’ Campbell Speaks Out Against NYC Mosque

This one is completely mind boggling. Hip Hop smut peddler and one time champion for free speech Luther “Luke” Campbell has come out in opposition of the New York City “Ground Zero” Mosque because in his opinion Muslims are exploiting our kindness and no different then the KKK.

I’m confused over this for a lot of reasons.

First and foremost isn’t this the same guy who released the song “Banned In The USA”? That is one of my all time favorite records and if memory serves the theme was that here in the United States regardless of ones race, religion or political beliefs we are all protected under the First Amendment to enjoy whatever sort of language we choose regardless of how inflammatory it is.

It also seems to me that Luke is big on opinion and short on facts. Not only is the mosque nearly six blocks away from Ground Zero, there is another mosque already five blocks away and the World Trade Center itself had a mosque inside of it. Is he saying that the Muslim population that works and lives in this region have no right to freely worship in a location that is convenient to them? Give me a break, maybe Luke is also opposed to the street vendors selling hot dogs next to Ground Zero because they may be undercover terrorist.

I wonder how Luke feels about Islams’ influence over hip hop music itself. One could certainly make the arguement that it was muslims who laid the foundation for the culture Luke would eventually get rich from. Not to mention Luke came up when most artist were affiliated or influenced by organizations like The Five Percenters and NOI. Islams relationship to the black community is something that goes back to pre-slavery. I guess what I am wondering is if this has something to do with Islam as a whole or is Luke singling out muslims from the middle east in particular.

Im not hating on Luke but i have to wonder why a guy who made his living off of sexually charged rap lyrics and strip clubs is taking sides in a controversy that really has nothing to do with him or his business. Especially when the same people bashing the mosque are the same ones who would like to see him put out of business.

Craziest thing is, the biggest supporter of the ground zero mosque may be none other then Luke himself. Lyrics from Banned In The USA.

Luke’s speech:

What is this?? Is this not America? This is not China! This is not Russia! This is not the place where they brought down the wall, this is America!

We have the right to say what we want to say, we have the right To do what we want to do, and what I do in my house, You might not do in your house! So what I do in my house is my business! And the simple fact Of it all is that we are BONDED by the First Amendment! We have the Freedom of EXPRESSION! We have the freedom of CHOICE!

And you, Chinese, black, green, purple, Jew, YOU have the right to listen to whoever You want to, and even the 2 Live Crew! So all you right-wingers, left- Wingers, bigots, Communists, there IS a place for you in this world! Because this is the land of the FREE, the home of the BRAVE! And 2 Live Is what we are!

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