Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Love Tips for Men: Signs She May Be the Right Lady for You

Let’s be honest with each other, when it comes to love and finding the right woman, most of us are pretty clueless! So here are a few pointers to help you decide whether she might be the right lady for you. Check out one popular site with this Kismia dating site review.

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Acceptance is a big deal

It is definitely a good sign if you are both able to accept each other for what you are and who you are, rather than trying to make any changes.

Acceptance of each other is a big deal in a relationship. So the fact that you see your lady as a unique person who has her own characteristics, frailties and quirks (which you just happen to love) means you are well on the way to having something special.

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You don’t want to be with someone who seems to spend too much time judging the person they are with, rather than concentrating on loving them for who they are.

If you are both happy to accept each other without any conditions attached, this is definitely a positive in your relationship.

Busy doing nothing

If you have ever enjoyed that comfortable silence that speaks volumes about the strength of your relationship, you will understand how good it is that you can just sit and do nothing together, and love it.

Watching a movie together, sharing a drink and just enjoying each other’s company without feeling the need to fill the air with conversation or suggest anything physical is a great sign that she might be the right lady for you.

No need for a crystal ball

If you can see yourself with the same person years into the future and are more than comfortable with that thought, you are definitely on the right road to happiness.

When you talk to your partner and confirm that she feels the same way and you can talk about shared plans for the immediate and long-term future, you don’t need to be a clairvoyant to see that what you might have between you could be pretty special.

You always patch up your differences

There is no question that some relationships are more volatile than others, but even the most mild-natured couples fall out from time to time and end up having an argument.

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What matters in this scenario is not that you fell out, but how your resolve your fight and move forward from it.

A key pointer towards the fact that you have a good thing going on and are probably meant to be together, is when the argument doesn’t get anywhere near close to tearing at the very fabric of your relationship. Instead, you both dust yourself down, talk about the solution to the problem and then move on without leaving any permanent mental scars.

The chance to just be yourself

You can see that some couples don’t really seem to be true to themselves or each other, which often means that they behave differently to how they really feel or think on the inside.

A real clincher in the love stakes is when you are both completely yourselves around each other.

If you feel that you can truly be your own person and don’t have to worry about what you are saying and that you can convey your true emotions, then there is every chance that you have found that special someone who is going to be in it for the long haul.

If you have found a lady who loves you and accepts you for who and what you are, faults and all, then get excited about it, as that is a pretty big clue that you have found the right lady for you.

Guest Author :

Oscar Coles has worked as a relationship therapist for the past several years. He was born to help people and extends his knowledge to an online audience through his articles.

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