Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2018

Look for Various Signs before Replacing Your Deck Railing

No matter how best railing that you must have used for your deck, it may not last forever. In case you have chosen wooden railing then certainly you have to think of its replacement after few years, as wood has fairly shorter shelf life. If the railing is broken then it can be a big safety issue for people of your home.

photo/ Arturs Budkevics

If you regularly check the condition of your railing periodically then you may notice few warning signs and possibly your railings have become dangerously unsafe. You need to decide whether you must check every month or half yearly depending upon the condition of your deck. However once in every season, it must be definitely checked and based on that you can get ideas for healthcare interior design for your premises.

In case, you have earlier installed wooden railing then you must check the following things once in every new season or at least after every major storm.

  • Wobbly railings

Your railing in normal condition must be firmly connected with the deck and there should be no room for giving any push on it. If it has already started wobbling, then it is a sign that your connections have already started to fail. A wobbling railing often means that your wood has contracted around its various connections, or all the connections are no longer tight as your fasteners are getting loose or they are failing. This is probably one of the biggest clues that the railings are no longer safe.  Wobbly railings will only get worse therefore you need to act fast to find the real solution. Fixing a wobbling deck railing may not be too complicated, so figure out what exactly is the issue before you call any professional to do it for you.

  • Warped wood

Warped wood, particularly at the base is a very bad sign. In case, the wood looks wider at the bottom of the railing posts and is discolored, soft or splintered then there is a chance that water is getting into the joint where your railing posts is connected with the deck. That water is actually corroding the wood at a structural point which is very important. Warped wood can cause mold formation, which will reduce the life of the railing much faster.

  • Corroded connections

Soon you can start to notice that either rust or corrosion in the nails and screws which are used for connecting the parts of your railing with each other. This corrosion can also appear in the form of white powdery looking substance, or it can be rusty. In either of the case, it is a sign that your metal hardware in the railing has started breaking down.

  • Pest issues

Pest issues can never happen in isolation. If you have noticed any single termite, bark beetle or carpenter ant then chances are that thousands of them are already present. In such case, you must take help of any exterminator to ensure the problem doesn’t further spread. You must get the whole structure thoroughly inspected by any professional to determine if you need to replace the railing, or perhaps you may have to change the entire deck.

Author: Mariia Lvovych

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